EARLY ICE OUT PREDICTIONS: This is starting to become a hard fact to guess. A month ago I thought it would be easy as we have had a mild winter in general, thought the last week of March would be it. Early season heavy snow insulated the waters for some time and good ice thickness did not occur. Layers of freezing slush made their way between snows but the total ice never really made it. A normal season is 36 inches I doubt if any lake had over 18. That is a big difference! We are getting some of the March sun and it is warm but still getting some snow in between. As you know what helps in opening the ice is some shoreline erosion of the snow (from the sun) to cause open water at the shore... then mother nature can take over with wind, rain, sun, and warm temps. The continued snow is causing sun radiation reflection and that erosion is not happening. It appears it will be April maybe the first week. The average open ice date is April 12th, I think we will beat that by at least a week.

Fred E.sox Brogle