I owned property on this lake for over 10-years.  I watched it go from a great fishing lake to very poor.  It is reported to be 14-feet deep but is actually about 12' with much of it averaging 7'-9'.  In successive dry years the water can get even lower as this is a seepage lake.  Walleye have been stocked for years and used to be quite good, but became more scarce.  In the early to mid 1990s there were northern with many very large ones.  At this time there were also huge bluegills (8"-10")and crappies and many small perch.  However, some people on the lake didn't like northern and blamed them for "eating everything up."  They actively sought and killed all the northern (their excuse was "to feed the eagle") and soon after we had little potato chip sized bluegills left.  Funny how after the northern were removed the walleye fishing did not improve anyway!  There were always nice largemouth bass in this lake as well, and their size structure also went down.  Additionally, an increase in speedboat useage on this small shallow lake ripped up the bottom in areas and created floating mud bogs, a floating conglomeration of mud intertwined with roots of ripped up weeds.  This was no longer a nice quiet "mom & pop" lake and it was time to get the hell off!  (property taxes were also going thru the roof!)