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9/18/12 @ 8:39 PM
"I Got One"
User since 9/1/10
Had lots of good to report for my first year trapping, lot's of good luck thrown my way" and info thx guys". This weekend had my first round of bad luck had two of my homemade traps stolen, even with DNR doing a survey on that piece of water talked to them and no they had no idea what happens to'em . I set earlier than usual also by a campground (lots of eye's watching) and they were swiped by morning. Must admit, (guess I'm that naive) never thought it could happen but it totally Sucks!! to see what some people do, don't even know what to do but leave my honey hole maybe only do overnights and grab them at sunrise.

Good luck all IG1...

9/10/12 @ 2:55 PM
User since 9/27/01
I've finally given up fishing crawdads in the lake where our cabin is. I've caught a few but apparently there aren't that many in the lake. Many say count your blessings that the rustys haven't ravaged the lake.

So, I'm setting my sights elsewhere. I have a couple of lakes with high numbers of rustys within a half hour of our place. I'd like to try them and fall would be a good time since it's getting darker earlier. My biggest concern is water temp. Since they're cold blooded, do they start to go dormant in September and October or are they still fairly active?

Also, what are you all using for tags on your traps? I have my name and addy on the markers and had a piece of zip tie on the traps but the "permanent" marker fades pretty fast on the plastic.

8/27/12 @ 9:34 PM
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"I Got One"
User since 9/1/10
Set two home-made traps overnight about 10hrs. Tweener your cheesecloth zip-tie idea worked great only used two bluegill carcasses each, they were not close to picked clean, and bagged my personal best of 73 and 80 bugs.. (Thanks again for all the tips.) Prob could of stuffed my traps on a longer soak too. Wondering how long of a soak you typically put on traps, and is it better day or night? ( I've only set through nights and done well?) I know you gotta check traps every 24hrs but do you leave them out the full 24? Another Q: I had another trap but forgot my marker float, never set it but wondered if it would be legal to tie the trap to my other and set as a string with 1 marker, or does each individual trap need to be marked with a float?

Thanks guys for all the info..

Good luck and go get'em... IG1..

8/6/12 @ 5:01 PM
User since 6/17/01
Belated thank you Ltd. Dan.

8/2/12 @ 5:02 AM
Lt Dan
User since 1/26/10
Chemist and 2manyfish'n

The link and info below should answer your questions live crawdads and fishing poles in same boat are not legal. Frozen tails and poles in boat are.

8/2/12 @ 4:56 AM
Lt Dan
User since 1/26/10
Wisconin DNR Regulations on netting and trapping CRAYFISH


Season: Wisconsin/Minnesota Boundary Waters - May 1 to the following March 1 Remainder of State - Continuous open season. u No person may possess live crayfish and angling equipment simultaneously on any water except the Mississippi River, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay, Sawyer’s Harbor, and the Fox River from its mouth up to De Pere Dam. u Must possess a valid fishing license or small game license, except persons under the age of 16 do not need a license. Crayfish traps placed in trout streams shall conform to the dimensions of minnow traps. See Nets and Traps for Minnows (page 14) 17 Spearing and Netting Regulations 2012-2013 Crayfish scoops may be used in the Wisconsin/Minnesota boundary waters provided the scoops do not exceed 4 feet in length, 3 feet in width and 18 inches in depth attached to a handle not to exceed 4 feet in length. Crayfish may be taken in all waters by the following means only: By hand, by use of minnow seines and minnow dip nets, where the same are permitted for the taking of minnows, and by crayfish traps (other than in trout streams) with the entrance to the trap not to exceed 2-1/2 inches at the greatest diagonal measurement. Traps must bear the name and address of the owner and must be raised and emptied at least once each day following the day set. Parts of fish and fish by-products including fish meal or prepared parts of such fish may not be used for bait unless: the fish were caught from the water being trapped, were obtained from a bait dealer, or were used with written authorization from the WDNR. Other meats (e.g., chicken and beef livers) may be used for bait for crayfish. Floats or markers used to locate traps 1) may not exceed 5 inches in size, 2) may not extend more than 4 inches above the water surface, 3) must clearly display the name and address (in the English language) of the owner or operator, and 4) must not be orange or any other fluorescent color.TextWisconsin Crayfish REGULATIONS

8/1/12 @ 4:32 PM
User since 6/17/01
I am wondering if it is legal to kill the crayfish and use the tails for perch bait. Does anyone know?

8/1/12 @ 3:47 PM
User since 5/6/08
Hey is it legal to use a 2 liter bottle of soda to catch crayfish in Wisconsin?

7/20/12 @ 8:45 PM
I 8 a walleye
User since 3/22/12
The problem with minnow traps is that they have smaller holes in them. Regs state that the hole can be a max of 2-1/2" and the ones you buy normally have smaller holes. Not a real problem if you don't want to catch the really big ones. Made my own traps and picked up a lot of bigger crays with the 2-1/2" max opening. You can pick up 1/2" wire mesh and wire ties at the local hardware store. Made 3 out of 10' X 3' of material. Used a large safety pin to hold the door closed. Made the tag for the trap out of a plastic top of a rubbermaid container that was broken, wrote on it with a permanent marker and attached it with a wire tie. Made my floats cut out of an old styrofoam container lid. Bought a spool of rope enough for several more traps than the 3 I made. Worked great. Have about $16 in them. Used a tuna can with holes punched in it for bait. Worked 3 days with a lot caught the first 2 days, but the 3rd day caught only a few in each trap. Would suggest fish guts or just freeze your dead minnows (3"+ sized) to reduce costs. Good luck. PM me if you have any leads in the central WI area as to where to get some.

7/20/12 @ 4:05 PM
User since 12/28/08
eyes go to cabelas they are 10 bucks a piece i just picked up 2 but got to figure out where i wanna go now lol

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