Northland Fishing Tackle 22-Piece Slurpies Swim Shiner Kit

Northland Fishing Tackle 22-Piece Slurpies Swim Shiner Kit
Swims, flashes and fools em just like the real thing! These hand sculptured Slurpies Swim Shiners are internally weighted and feature a seductive CurlyFin™ teaser tail that looks, tastes and swims like a live shiner minnow. Sporting a holographic FishFlakes™ finish and lifelike 3-D eyes that combine to produce loads of fish-attracting flash and realistic shimmer, these productive Slurpies Swim Shinners spiced up with SowSauce™ Attractor Scent that turns sniffers into big-time bitters. Kit includes a durable 6-compartment utility box.
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