Jack Wawro

Jack Wawro
Lake Shore, MN

I have lived in the Brainerd Lakes area for 12 years now. I started fishing when I was very young but learned the most in my early teens fishing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I absolutely love the BLA because almost all of our lakes provide great fishing. In the winter months I primarily for walleyes but can be spotted fishing for crappies in some of our smaller area lakes. In the summer I transform into a bass fisherman. I compete in the Thursday Night Bassin ( but most of my fishing is just for fun. I am starting to enjoy walleye fishing in the winter and I’m planning on exploring this a little more in the summer than I have in the past.

Recent Fishing Reports:

Gull Lake, Cass County

26 feet next to a weed line. 

All perch caught.  

Saw about 5 fish on graph around 4:30pm.

First skunk of the year.  

12 inches of ice near red boat house near grassy.

Two guys with large wheel houses drove across middle of lake from koobs landing.  Ice must be decent I guess.  

Zorbaz channel has a lot of moving water this year.  I would stay clear of it for now.