Ed Franko

Ed Franko
Lake Ozark, MO

Hello, my name is Ed Franko, and I am the owner of Big Ed’s Guide Service, located at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. I have always enjoyed fishing and have been a dedicated angler since I was a small child. In the past, I have participated in several fishing tournaments, which include the Red Man Circuit, Bass World Sports, and several other open tournaments. These tournaments, along with a long-time passion for fishing, led to my desire to share my interests with others.

I am currently a fishing guide, and my main purpose is teaching others how to catch fish, not just showing them. I guide on Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri. I also participate in other fishing-related events, such as making guest appearances on various radio shows and working sporting shows for Nameoki Village Marine and the local Lake Area CVB.

Recent Fishing Reports:

Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

Another cold nasty day out on the big pond yesterday.the bite is showing it also. In a Costa Series tournament the weights really showed. This lake normally gives up stringers five fish twenty plus pounds. However yesterday you could cut this weight in half.  

The bite is sloe on a jig in transition spots. Brush on secondary points seem to be he best bet. My sources tell me that the ledge bite works but don't expect to wear yourself out from setting the hook. Casting perhaps.not setting the hook. This happens every year and the fish will take off soon and go nuts.

Bass Slow

Crappie fair shooting docks or swimming a jig over brush

Good fishing!


Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

Big cold front rolled in and the shallow fish rolled out. The bite for the most part in the shallows has slowed down. It will refire in a few days and when it does it will be on like Donkey Kong. The deep water bite is fair in the brush piles . I watch a Costa series co angler catch 2 keepers out of my brush pile yesterday.    

Good fishing to all                                                         Big Ed Landlocked

Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

First and foremost this is not a actual first hand fishing report.However it is a very good report as I actually have talked to people in the know about the current conditions.  I Personally will be sidelined from fishing for 6 to 10 weeks as of a result of massive back surgery.  I certainly hope that this does not offend anyone as I try to give as much accurate information as possible. This past weekend was the big bass bash a Bass where a bass under 7 lbs won a lucky angler a cool $100,000 dollars. The big bite was slow it was a pitching bite that caught the most quality fish. Fishing between docks and on points.  My reports said to me that the bite was not slow as there was plenty of dink fish caught but the big guys just were dieting. That is  kind of a normal thing for me to hear.   

Catching fish on a top water early then fishing a worm of a jig later in the day seemed to be the rule. The lake has been hit with lots of rain this past week.The fishing will get better every day. 

Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

Caught bass everywhere we fished today. We didn't have any heavy weights but we caught fish. The fish were eager to hit a jig, big worm and a plopper. Good time for sure...

Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

Have been fishing quite a bit and the fishing has been pretty darn good. i have been catching them on a Whopper Plopper and a jig. The plopper has been working the best on shallow flats and the corners of the big docks.