The New Rapala OG Deep Tiny 7

From the Depths of Ott's Garage Comes Another Bass Fishing Classic

While some anglers turn on their TVs over the winter and dream about the season to come, Rapala pro Ott DeFoe once again headed back into his garage to carve out a new classic: The OG Deep Tiny® 7 – the latest new lure in the Ott's Garage Series.

This small, flat-sided lure (just 2-1/4 inches) is made with premium balsa wood and features a circuit board lip. The flat-sided body design, combined with its balsa wood construction gives it a tight and finesse wobble.

"The combination of those two elements – it's as good as it gets," said DeFoe, a Bassmaster Classic Champion and winner of 11 other top-tier Bassmaster and Major League Fishing (MLF) tournaments. "It was a labor of love to get this just right, keeping that tight and subtle action while ensuring it gets down to that 7' zone. I'm super proud of this new lure."

As DeFoe looked at the other lures he's developed for Rapala, he knew that he wanted a small, thin-sided bait that would get down 5 to 7 feet that would easily deflect off various surfaces and objects in the water table.

"As a flat-sided bait, it has a different profile, a different action and a different wiggle," DeFoe said. "And it has the profile of a shad that bait fish feed on. It's a great addition to the line."

In addition, DeFoe lauds the fact that the new OG Tiny 7 lure does not have any rattles. "I love a natural, quiet bait," he added.

DeFoe designed the lure with two super-strong VMC® black nickel 1X hybrid treble hooks, and an extended eyelet to increase the lure's action.

"These are my all-time favorite treble hooks – two No. 5 short shank VMC treble hooks."

The new OG Deep Tiny 7 comes in 19 natural colors, including: big shad, bream, classic craw, copper green shad, coosa special, chartreuse rootbeer crawdad, citrus shad, crawdad, dark brown crawdad, green gizzard shad, hot copper green shad, Helsinki shad, mossy chartreuse crawdad, perch, red crawdad, liver river shad, rootbeer crawdad, silver, and shad.

"The colors we chose include a number of local and regional variations to help anglers better match bait fish in their area," said DeFoe.

This new lure has a body length of 2-1/4 inches and weighs 5/16 oz.

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