The New Bad Dude Of Vertical Fishing

Rapala Introduces The Jigging Rap Magnum

Get down deep faster and drive fish crazy with the Magnum's erratic swimming action.

The challenge was put before the design engineers at Rapala: Can you design a lure for today's modern, tech-savvy angler that offers the proven effectiveness of the legendary Jigging Rap coupled with the needs of forward-facing sonar?

Their answer: Jigging Rap® Magnum®

Designed for targeting individual fish (bass, walleye, lake trout, etc.) when using forward-facing sonar in open water, the new Jigging Rap Magnum falls fast and true. It's heavy-weighted body (1-1/8 oz.) makes it a great choice for casting, pitching or vertical jigging, and allows anglers to easily reach depths down to 100 feet in a matter of seconds for hard-to-get-to bass located in deep-water reservoirs.

"This thing falls like a missile and is a fish-catching machine," said Rapala pro and Bassmaster Elite angler Cody Huff. "That erratic action – the bass can't handle it. It gets them really excited. They think something is running away from them."

"When those suckers (bass) are deep, the Magnum is a bad dude," added Rapala pro Jacob Wheeler, two-time MLF Angler of the Year. "It's unreal."

Designed with the same Jigging Rap fish-catching swimming action, the Jigging Rap Magnum is built with a durable one-piece body and fin design that allows it to take a beating and keep on catching. For the business end, a built-in, heavy-duty swivel on the belly holds a large, super sharp size 5 VMC® black nickel treble hook, which is complemented by a large VMC black nickel single tail hook.

In addition to bass, the new Jigging Rap Magnum also will be welcome news amongst walleye anglers. Over the years the original Jigging Rap has become one of the most effective and famous lures for walleye. The Jigging Shadow Rap, which was added to the line several years ago, has a slower action than the Jigging Rap. The new Magnum will round out an amazing family of lures with a much faster action, creating more opportunities to catch fish wherever they're swimming.

The new Jigging Rap Magnum comes in 15 color patterns, that allow anglers to match a number of baitfish. The color patterns include: baby aspius, bleak, live bleak, chrome blue, gold, glow, Helsinki shad, legendary perch, Nordic perch, purpledescent, pearl white, silver, shad, smelt on the beach, and live smelt. The lure's colors are complemented by realistic glass eyes.

The new Jigging Rap Magnum is available in size 7 which has a body length of 2-3/4 inches.

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