Sufix Performance Tip-Up Ice Braid

The Standard in Tip-Up Ice Fishing Line Now Available in 150 Yard Spools

When it comes to ice fishing, the action comes down to the last 2 feet.

It's here, where you're trying to navigate your catch through a 10-inch diameter hole, that your fishing line must not fail. It's those final 2 feet of fishing line that separate you and a fish on the ice.

Don't chance it to any ol' line. Instead, tie on Sufix® Performance Tip-Up Ice Braid – a specially formulated line from Sufix, a world-leading manufacturer of tournament-quality fishing lines.

Sufix Performance Tip-up Ice Braid – now available in a new spool size, 150 yards – is made with high tenacity polyester braid known as HTP™, which provides exceptional abrasion resistance, durability, low stretch, and diameter-to-strength ratios. The line's Hydro Fusion Process™ ensures fast-sinking speed, low memory, and exceptional cold-weather handling.

The new spool size comes in black and is available in 15 lb. test, 20 lb. test, 30 lb. test and 50 lb. test. Performance Tip-Up Ice Braid is also available in a 50-yard spool.

Sufix Performance Tip-Up Ice Braid – Show Now

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