Get Ready for Hardwater Slab Action

The Slab Rap Has 4 New Colors for You to Play With

There's something so satisfying about yelling out to your ice fishing buddies, "Look at this Slab!" as you try to hold onto a giant perch, crappie, or bluegill freshly pulled up through your ice fishing hole on a cool winter day.

That's exactly what the Rapala Slab Rap was created for. To bring up slab after slab after slab.

Now, with the addition of four hot new colors, anglers throughout hardwater country will be pulling up even more slabs this coming ice fishing season.

A lipless crankbait with a sleek, streamlined profile and a finesse-style fall, the Slab Rap is now available in four crazy-bright colors that will surely up your slab-action hardwater game.

Fruit Punch
Black-purple back, pink-orange belly, chartreuse head with yellow-and-black eyes, and pink sides featuring four thick, black baitfish stripes.

Glow Pink Squirrel
White back, white belly, cotton-candy pink tail and head, yellow-and-black eyes, and white sides featuring four black baitfish spots.

Glow Slimy Lime
Chartreuse back and belly, day-glow-green head and throat, and chartreuse sides featuring three large, black baitfish spots.

Chartreuse back, pink belly, pink head, yellow-and-black eyes, and chartreuse sides featuring eight vertical, black baitfish stripes.

Slab Raps are designed with a sleek, streamlined profile and fall with a less aggressive, finesse-style flutter. This slow-falling flutter approach gives it the appearance of a struggling baitfish and we all know what that means when aggressive, hungry predators are within sight. It's Slab Time!

A 2-inch Slab Rap weighs 1/4 oz. The 1-½ inch model weighs 1/8 oz. Including the four new offerings, they're available in 14 total color patterns. Slab Raps feature super sharp VMC® Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks.

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