Al Lindner Hammers Bass with the New Rapala OG Rocco 5 Crankbait

Al sets to test out Rapala's new Ott's Garage OG Rocco 5 Crankbait for the first time

Al Lindner tests out Rapala's new Ott's Garage OG Rocco 5 Crankbait for the first time

The air is still a chilly 30 degrees Fahrenheit, but the sun peeks out for longer periods each day. After months of anticipation, the lake has finally melted, and Al Lindner is a man on a mission: get as many smallmouth and largemouth bass into his boat as possible.

In a video by Lindner's Angling Edge, Al Lindner is set to test out Rapala's new Ott's Garage OG Rocco® 5 Crankbait for the first time. One of the best-selling hard baits in the bass world today, Ott's Garage (OG) line of lures from Rapala® combines Ott DeFoe's exacting design specs with Rapala's inimitable lure engineering expertise. These lures are pro-quality, designed for serious bass anglers by Ott Defoe, a Rapala pro, Bassmaster Classic Champion, and winner of 11 other top-tier Bassmaster and Major League Fishing (MLF) tournaments. WATCH VIDEO HERE.

The OG Rocco 5 is wider than the other OG's, with a tight wobble and square bill to make big bass water at the mouth and trigger an explosive reaction bite like no other crankbait.

"This is another homerun from Rapala," said Lindner. "You've gotta have this one in your tackle box."

With this powerful lure in hand, it only takes Lindner six casts to bring a heavy bass on board and for Lindner to declare the OG Rocco 5 as his new favorite bait for catching bass.

"You can't beat balsa. Balsa, balsa, balsa! The action that a bait gets outta balsa is somethin' special," said Lindner.

Matching the quality of his line to the bait, Lindner relies on a Sufix® fluorocarbon 10lb test leader to complete the presentation. And not long after that first one, Lindner reels in hog after hog, calling one of his biggest catches of the trip, "a pig and a half."

"My confidence is sky high baby! It doesn't get much better than that," said Lindner.

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