Add Some Zing to Ice Fishing

4 New Colors for VMC's Tumbler and Tingler Spoons

Seasoned ice anglers know that spoons are highly effective in generating hardwater bites among Walleye, Perch, Crappies, Blugills and other species.

That's why VMC is doubling down on its spoon offerings with four new colors – Glow Black Wonderbread, Glow Juicy Lucy, Glow Pink Squirrel, and Glow Slimy Lime in both its Tumbler and Tingler Spoon lines. With these new additions, VMC offers a total of 14 colors in its Tumbler Spoons and 17 in its Tingler Spoons.

Both spoons are proven winners, consistently putting fish on the ice for anglers throughout hardwater country in the U.S. and Canada.

The Tumbler Spoon has a unique "knuckle" bend that offers a slow tumbling action. A small attractor blade adds flash, while 3D holographic VMC Ultra Glow colors last up to 15 minutes in cold, dark water. A holographic eye also helps add a natural baitfish look and feel to the spoon.

Glow Black Wonderbread
Glow Juicy Lucy
Glow Pink Squirrel
Glow Slimy Lime

The Tingler Spoon's wide wobbling action exaggerates the movement of struggling baitfish with its uniquely curved body and V-shaped design. It's large 3D holographic eye, UV holographic attractor, and Ultra Glow finish, which lasts up to 15 minutes in dark water, make this the perfect lure for unsuspecting walleye and panfish.

Glow Black Wonderbread
Glow Juicy Lucy
Glow Pink Squirrel
Glow Slimy Lime

While most spoons stay within a small vertical cone as it drops to the bottom and is jigged up and down, the Tingler Spoon's unique V-shaped design allows it to flutter outside of that cone to previously unfished territory.

The Tumbler Spoon is available in two sizes, 1/12 oz. (1 inch) and 1/8 oz. (1-1/2 inch). The Tingler Spoon is available in three sizes, 1/16 oz. (1 inch), 1/8 oz. (1-1/2 inch), 3/16 oz. (2 inch). Both lures feature super sharp VMC treble hooks.

Both the Tumbler Spoon and Tingler Spoon are sold individually as well as in three-per-pack.

VMC Tumbler Spoon – Shop Now

VMC Tingler Spoon – Shop Now

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