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10 Essentials For A Day On The Boat

Bringing the essentials means you can enjoy your time on the water to its fullest potential. Whether it’s tubing with the family, fishing with friends, or just relaxing in the waves and sunshine a day on the boat is priceless. Be sure to pack everything you need for the whole day! No one wants to spend their day running back to shore when the lake is calling. Not sure if you’re forgetting something? Maybe Grizzly can help...

Here are 10 essentials for an uninterrupted day on the water.

#1 Food, Drinks & Ice:

Grizzly has plenty of outdoor cooler options to enhance your day on the boat. We recommend a couple coolers for best results. One for A LOT of drinks, and one for lunch and snacks. Consider throwing coolers on board for fishing as well if that is your goal for the day. Adding a Grizzly Grip Cup or Can to your arsenal will also ensure cool drinks all day long.

#2 Devices & Chargers:

Your phone most likely acts as your way of communicating, your GPS, your weather station, and your camera. Don’t forget it. We advise adding some type of waterproof case to keep your phone in, and you may want to tether it to the console. If you will be on the water from dawn till dusk investing in a portable charger ensures you have power all day long. Take a marine radio if you plan to be in uncharted waters a good distance from others. Better safe than sorry. Day On The Boat Essential Items To Bring

#3 First Aid Kit:

These are cheap and sold just about everywhere, so there’s no reason not to grab one. If you are fishing, using a knife, or your kids are jumping from the boat for a cool swim there is always potential for injury. Don’t let minor injuries mess up your plans!

#4 Personal Floatation Devices (PFD):

Be sure to have one PFD on board for each passenger. This is key for safety and also if authorities decide to check your boat out to make sure you are meeting your states boating law requirements. Speaking of safety, don’t forget the fire extinguisher.

#5 Sunscreen & Sunglasses:

Don’t leave home without them. Sunshine is energizing and wonderful until it’s not. The worst burns come from a day on the water because you get burned from the top and the bottom as the sun reflects off the water. Protect yourself and prolong your day.

#6 Books, Games & Toys:

When you reach the relaxing, get lulled to sleep by the rhythm of the waves part of the day, you might want a book to read. If you have kiddos on board they might want a break from swimming, or need to be kept busy while you fish. A few games and toys are a great idea to help kids successfully manage the day. There are lots of waterproof card game options out there for boating like Splash Uno, and Waterproof Spot It.

#7 Hand Sanitizer, Wipes & TP:

You’ll be handling lots of things that have bacteria during the day, be sure to keep your hands clean.

#8 Clothes:

Whatever temps, winds, and rains the day brings, be ready with your swimsuit, an extra sweatshirt, a hat, and any other clothing that’ll make your day comfortable.

#9 Fishing Gear & Fishing License:

If you’re planning to fish don’t forget the gear, the live bait, and your license. In my state if you are caught fishing without a license the Department of Natural Resources can ticket you and confiscate your gear. NO THANK YOU! I’ll bring my license.

#10. Bug Spray:

If the breezes are moving usually you don’t have a problem with bugs on the lake. But if they die down you’ll be thankful you brought the bug spray!
Enjoy Your Time On The Water
Summer is for enjoying. For watching your dad reel up a huge fish and watching the sun as it settles down over the horizon. It’s a time to drink your favorite beverage while you drink in the sights and sounds of kids splashing and families laughing. I’m sure you’ll add more to this list of 10 essentials for a day on the boat, and I hope you’ll have everything you need to enjoy those moments out on the water to their fullest.
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