AEP ReCreation Land

I have been fishing and camping at the AEP ReCreation Land properties since the early 1970's. The area is huge. And it offers the best bass fishing available to Ohio anglers outside of Lake Erie.

This is a general report of the AEP ReCreation Land lakes and ponds that involves: Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, and Guernsey counties in Southeast Ohio. The AEP ReCreation Land areas are open to the public through a cooperative relationship between American Electric Power and the state of Ohio.

I recommend this area to any angler interested in hooking into the heaviest bass the state of Ohio has to offer. There are more than 300-lakes and ponds open to anglers. Along with several primitive camping areas to choose from.


- I recommend a canoe or kayak along with a canoe hauler in order to hike back to, and portage around the area with ease.

- Bass boats and Jon boats can be launched at many of the lakes with the recent slightly improved launch ramps. But most lakes/ponds do not have improved ramps for trailer-hauled watercraft.

- The water is crystal clear in most of the AEP lakes and ponds. So adjust your tackle and presentations for clear water presentations.

- Many camp areas and haul roads are locked until late April. They do not have a specific date for the unlocking/availability. But generally it happens late April.

- The top four presentations that I have had success with from late April through June are as follows - 1. A 3/8oz. bass jig tipped with a #11 Uncle Josh Pork Frog otherwise known as the JignPig. 2. A Bomber Model 4A Crankbait. 3. Suspending jerkbaits, like the Lucky Craft Pointer and the Rapala X-Rap. 4. Lipless Crankbaits like the Excalibur and Strike King models.

Note - Make sure to print out a map of the area and permission slip offered on the AEP ReCreation Land web-site.

I have attached a few pics of my recent pre-spawn Fish-Camp trips to the AEP ReCreation Land area.