Explore Lakes Near Binghamton, New York

There are 18 lakes to explore within 13 miles of Binghamton.
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Saint Johns Pond
Approx 7.4 miles away
  • SIZE: 23 acres
    Meeker Lake
    Approx 8.0 miles away
    • SIZE: 12 acres
      Chenango Lake
      Approx 8.4 miles away
      • SIZE: 40 acres
      • MAX DEPTH: 17 ft
        Quaker Lake
        Approx 8.6 miles away
        • SIZE: 122 acres
          Agfa Lake
          Approx 8.7 miles away
          • SIZE: 19 acres
            Lily Lake
            Approx 8.8 miles away
            • SIZE: 17 acres
              Rogers Lake
              Approx 8.8 miles away
              • SIZE: 10 acres
                Lake Sophia
                Approx 9.5 miles away
                • SIZE: 14 acres
                  Tripp Lake
                  Approx 9.8 miles away
                  • SIZE: 27 acres
                    Laurel Lake
                    Approx 10.3 miles away
                    5.0 rating(1)
                    • SIZE: 45 acres
                      Longford Lake
                      Approx 10.4 miles away
                      • SIZE: 22 acres
                        Pops Hobby Lake
                        Approx 10.7 miles away
                        • SIZE: 10 acres
                          Bel-Air Lake
                          Approx 10.7 miles away
                          • SIZE: 15 acres
                            Nathaniel Cole Park Pond
                            Approx 10.8 miles away
                            • SIZE: 44 acres
                            • MAX DEPTH: 40 ft
                              Mingo Lake
                              Approx 10.9 miles away
                              • SIZE: 14 acres
                                Silver Lake
                                Approx 11.8 miles away
                                • SIZE: 83 acres
                                  Cranberry Lake
                                  Approx 11.9 miles away
                                  • SIZE: 16 acres
                                    Stanley Lake
                                    Approx 12.9 miles away
                                    • SIZE: 37 acres

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