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Cross River

Lake County, MN
Lake County, MN
Cross River is located in Lake County, Minnesota. This lake is 79 acres in size. It is approximately 7 feet deep at its deepest point. When fishing, anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Northern Pike, Walleye, Yellow Perch,.
78 acres
7 feet
2.9 miles
No ramp
Black Crappie
Northern Pike
Yellow Perch
Blacknose Shiner
Common Shiner
Golden Shiner
Iowa Darter
Tadpole Madtom
White Sucker
NOTE: This list may not be all inclusive of all speices present in Cross River.
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STAY 22: Cross River

Cross River Lake is 78 acres with a maximum depth listed of 7 feet; the Secchi disk was 4.5 feet in brown bog-stained water. The maximum depth was 8.5 feet in this assessment; the lake level was nearly two feet higher than in previous investigations. There was fresh beaver activity on the south end of the lake and a beaver dam on the outlet influencing the lake level. The carry-in access trail, off of U.S. Forest Service Road #1226, parallels the inlet for about 200 feet before meeting the inlet upstream of the lake; the trail is narrow and suitable for canoes or very small boats.

A small number of walleye were collected in 2013, the average weight of the walleye sampled was 2.1 pounds; the largest walleye was 20.5 inches (3.4 pounds). Ageing the small sample of walleye indicates sporadic walleye reproduction or poor survival. Ageing from previous investigations also has shown inconsistent walleye reproduction with a strong year-class rarely occurring. Much of the lake shoreline substrate is muck and detritus and does not provide suitable walleye spawning habitat.

Black crappies continue to maintain a fishable population in Cross River Lake through natural reproduction, since they were first sampled in the 1995 investigation. The 2013 population assessment found black crappie at above average numbers, when compared to lakes with similar characteristics. The average length of the black crappie sampled was 9.3 inches, the largest was 12.8 inches. The movement of black crappie in the Cross River system has extended upstream from Cross River Lake through South Wigwam Lake and into Finger Lake; first found in South Wigwam Lake in 2009 and Finger Lake in 2011.

The northern pike numbers in Cross River Lake were about average for this type of lake. The average weight of the northern pike was 1.8 pounds in 2013; the largest was about 27 inches (4 pounds). Northern pike numbers have remained fairly constant in Cross River Lake; the average weight has typically been less than 2 pounds. Northern pike reproduction appears to be sufficient to maintain a fishable population in this lightly fished lake.

Yellow perch were found in average numbers in 2013 and numbers similar to previous investigations on Cross River Lake. The average weight of the catch in 2013 was less than 0.2 pound, within the range seen in previous yellow perch samples. About 28% of total yellow perch catch was greater than 8 inches the largest 9.4 inches.

The white sucker catch in 2013 was below the range seen in previous investigations on Cross River Lake. Historically the white sucker numbers have been above average for this type of lake, with fish averaging about 2 pounds. The culvert crossing U.S. Forest Service Road #1226 provides an opportunity for spring harvest of white suckers in the inlet (Cross River) to Cross River Lake during the spawning run, during the open season.

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