Our group of 4 fished Saturday starting at noon till dark out of Nodak's near Muskie Bar in 18 FOW. Very slow perch bite and those perch that did were small. No walleye and one small northern, Fished Sunday out of Nodak's, started in 12 FOW, no fish, moved to 14 FOW still no fish. Went back to where we started on Saturday and again caught few and small perch again.. Talked to other fishermen and they also were not catching anything. Talked to locals and they said since the big snow dump they had the fish shut down. Roads great out of Nodak's, If you want to get off road have a 4wd pickup with clearance as snow is about 11" deep. When you drill a hole about an inch of water will come up out of the hole. Monday morning went to Round Lake till noon and caught some average perch but long time between bites. Call ahead to a trusted source for fish report before you drive a long distance.