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St. Louis County, Minnesota
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9/18/23 @ 7:52 AM
reel riot
User since 8/26/01
Any more success stories ?     
6/19/23 @ 7:50 AM
reel riot
User since 8/26/01
Glad the winds are southerly pushing smoke back into Canada   .Have your grandson try putting on a baby perch on a large bobber with WIRE LEADER !   Or if you got a Shimano bait runner reel try baby perch on that line NO Bobber , but leave bail open , and put on bait runner setting ! When you hear reel click , just like the movie Jaws , wait till you hear a steady click, then lock the bail , and set hook hard and HOLD ON MAN ! <((((((<  Don't forget to also try the air injected nightcrawler method we discussed ! Smallies can't resist   
Looks like great weather till Wed.   then Thursday on looks stormy   
Wet Nets , & Enjoy 
Reel Riot <((((<
6/19/23 @ 1:10 AM
reel riot
User since 8/26/01
The silence is deafening ? How's the smoke there if any ?
6/15/23 @ 8:17 AM
reel riot
User since 8/26/01

Tik Toc Tik Toc                       
Wet Nets ?& Good Fishing  <(((<. <((((<  
Reel Riot   
PS: Post some reports & pics   

6/9/23 @ 5:17 PM
reel riot
User since 8/26/01
Have a great fishing trip & safe! vacation ! 
PS. Watch your speed limits near Black River Falls or Wausau Wisco .depending on which way you go ! The Bears have heavy radar there , and hold Kangaroo Court on the on ramps where you cant see them ,as you pass an overhead hwy. , or in the air ! Min.fine is $185. !!!
Best bet is to "Be in the rocking Chair " as the truckers call it on their CB, in the middle of the pack !!!!
Wet Nets <((((<
Reel Riot
6/9/23 @ 1:27 PM
reel riot
User since 8/26/01
How many hours in the countdown now ?    
<(((<  <((((<. <((((((<. <((((((((((< 
6/8/23 @ 7:57 AM
[email protected]
PRO MEMBER User since 5/14/22
Partly Sunny 59°
Water: 71°
On the lake, Norwegian Bay, had a great morning. Caught and released 11 largemouth bass between 2 and 3 lbs. in about an hour and a half. All came on green pumpkin chatter baits with a green pumpkin Hog Farmer swimbait trailer. All were in less than 5 feet of water relating to wood (downed trees). Water temp 71 degrees. Partly cloudy skies, southeast wind around 5-7 mph. These all were post-spawn males.
5/13/23 @ 11:19 AM
User since 5/25/06
Partly Sunny 65°
Water: 50°
Definitely struggle bussing on the walleyes this morning. Not a one out of our three boats and I’m not exactly seeing others bringing them in either. Spent a fair amount of time in Black bay and the channel and not caught a single fish. Wowza

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