Man all the lakes have been super busy lately   ! Either people have picked up water sports/fishing as a hobby due to COVID19 or the 4th of July is in full swing! This gave me an opportunity to try different lakes in the metro. This is the first time I have tried fishing on Red Rock Lake in Eden Prairie! I drove out to the boat ramp with my kayak, thinking the lake was going to be super packed, but surprisingly there were only a few patrons there  .   

I didn't have any electronics hooked up to my kayak this round, so I was guessing at every weed line and every dock   . I started shooting a few docks near the boat ramp. The 3rd dock on the right has an aerator going and that was where I found my first hand full of pan fish   ! Using my go to 2 inch power bait minnows on road runner style jig heads, I was able to catch blue gills and crappies about 7-8 inches in size. I also caught a small large mouth bass at this dock.

Exploring more of the lake, I found a downed tree that was a host to many small sized crappies. Later towards dusk I switched to larger soft baits and paddle tails to look for pike or large mouth bass. Unfortunately, I did not find any   .

My overall impression is that the lake is a good beginner lake or a lake to take children fishing to catch pan fish all day! I'll have to plan another trip out here and bring my boat to see if I can figure out the lake faster with the help of electronics   .