Fishing the annual ice fishing contest in the City of Chaska at Firemen's Park. This was a non profit event with raffle tickets, donations, and other purchases going towards supporting the local fire department. 

My wife and I didn't fair to well within the 2 hour fishing contest (1:00pm to 3:00pm), but we did both manage to catch a blue gill each. Mine came in at .123 lbs and hers was .07 lbs   . We fished in the center of the pond in about 8 feet of water. The blue gills did not like any big jigs. Small jigs with wax worms were the ticket for them. 

The largest game fish in the contest was a large mouth bass at .9lbs winning a Clam electric auger! Other species caught were crappie and perch. Fun event to bring out the kids, family, and friends to enjoy the outdoors.