I've driven by this lake many times during the open water and ice fishing season, but never had tried fishing on it. I believe there was a kill 4-5 years ago when they added chemicals to the lake to clear up the weeds. I took advantage of the nice weather to explore the lake on ice this morning. There is a plowed road running right through the middle of the lake that made pulling a sled quite easy   .

According to Lake-Link's water depth map, there about 4 holes to try fishing on. I opt to try two holes in 36 fow and 50 fow on the north side of the lake. I drilled into 14 inches of ice. The water was very clear and I stuck with natural color presentations to pull in many crappies from all levels of the water column. Nothing of size. The crappies were 7-8 inches. They hit anywhere from the bottom (36-46 fow), to the middle (22-19 fow), and near the top 5-10 fow). 

I hammered handfuls of small perch at the bottom of each hole. They were very aggressive and schooled in bunches!   I will be back out here to look for the Northern Pike that the lake seems to be stocked full of according to the MN DNR surveys   .