Back for annual August perchin trip. 8/1 8/2 St Joe New Buffalo.  Not the kind of fast August perchin we all want.   16 fish at St Joe in 48-54'. N Buff awful.  Noted that the water column was quite warm.  70F+ from bottom at 60' and up.   Made perchin tough in deep water.

Watch Great Lakes Buoys for S Haven and Cook Nuclear Plant for temps at depth.  Neat graphs at each depth of profile changes.  Michigan City also has a full depth buoy report. 

Huge blow on Friday 8/4 roiled the lake.  Laid back Saturday but most did not bother to fish til Monday 8/7.  No cooler water had blown in and went W 8/9 at S Haven.  Not one fish caught above 50' depth.  All boated from that depth pretty much die, stuck cleaning 9 but they still taste good.  Most on yellow perch fly but no pattern, most small.  Went to 3 ounce weight as one got deeper but hate to use such weight.       

Noted some great salmon reports out of st joe and s haven, saw a 22# laker at St Joe taken in 130'.  Tournament in St Joe last Sunday was very good, got to rmbeer to bring salmon rigs next summer. 

Will try St Joe Thursday 8/10 and heard most fish at 58'+ depth north of river mouth.  Tired of using minnows in deep water as so easy to hit small ones and then stuck keeping them or fed the guills.  Unsure when any cooler water will drift in.

Tackle Haven (Benton Harbor) guy felt seasons were all shifted due to mild winter and little ice cover.  IE skamania usually a July fish, was hot in June.  Huge Sa,mon-o Ram in Racine  Kenosha in July has significantly heavier fish in many categories than 2016. 

See  article from Milwwaukee Journal Sentinal on invasive red /blood shrimp.  Several native or common Lake Mich. species coming in and eating them in the shallows like crazy.  

Love to hear some other perchin reports, I am sure others have done better..