Finished 6 days perchin' out of St Joseph 6/30-7/4. Most were south by water treatment plant of harbor 32-40 feet deep.  "Chalets" 5.5 miles south also popular.  Days ranged form 11 to 35 fish, totaled at 85.  Tuesday, 7/3 was quite hot with limit in 3 hours. Usual bottom rigs, yellow, green,  and orange flies mostly, not one Goby.  Love the Perch Pounder II perch fly rig (at Tackle Haven in B Harbor), only complaint are hooks are a  bit light and get bent, then when you try and straighten they break!  Al's Perch flies have tougher hooks.

50-60% of perch were small with a lot of toss backs or keepers if had been hooked too deep.  Hopefully numbers of small ones means better sizes in the future.

Fishin' Hole bait shop in St Joseph run by Charlie a great store for bait and ice.

Cannot beat the St Jo launch for $5 but, 20 minute run to lake.

Back in  late July.