Lake-Link Pro Member Prizes

Each week we're giving a special prize pacagkage to a Lake-Link Pro Member. Just our way of saying "thank you" for your support!

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This Week's Prize
Vibrax Super Bou
Vibrax Super Bou**

This lure moves through the water emitting sonic vibration and rattles while its fibers create an undulating action that makes the bait come alive

Retail value: $22.49

Upcoming Prizes

Here are just some of the upcoming weekly member prizes that we will be giving out.**
Storm Arashi Square Package
Storm Arashi Square Package
The Arashi Square runs with a lively rolling action and a pronounced tail kick. Includes two Square 5 Silent's and a Square 3 Rattling.
Retail value: $23.67
Suick 9 Inch Weighted Thriller
Suick 9 Inch Weighted Thriller
Here is one for you musky heads! A 9" Original Weighted Suick Thriller that began the legacy. One of the most productive lure ever designed. The classic dive and rise darting action is something Muskies can’t resist.
Retail value: $30.99
** PLEASE NOTE: Some of the styles and/or colors may vary to what is shown in the prize photos.

ITX-CB Carbon Spinning Reel
Okuma is proud to announce the introduction of the ITX CB Spinning Reel, designed specifically for freshwater and light inshore fishing. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: OKUMA FISHING TACKLE - ITX-CB Carbon Spinning Reel

VMC - Rattling Roach Spoon
Rattling Roach Spoon
When it’s time to eat, the VMC® Rattling Roach Spoon calls ‘em in. Its intense fluttering action combined with an exposed rattle chamber delivers maximum sound vibrations, grabbing the attention of nearby fish like no other spoon. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: VMC - Rattling Roach Spoon

MINN KOTA - NEW Quest Series
NEW Quest Series
Meet the all-new motors made with grit and guts – not glitz and glamour... the QUEST™ Series! PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: MINN KOTA - NEW Quest Series Advertisement

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