Fish image provided under agreement from Windsor Nature Discovery, LLC. Fish image created by Ron Pittard. Click here if you would like to purchase a print of this fish.
Stizostedion Canadense
sand pickerel, sand pike, blue pickerel, pike, gray pike, blue pike, river pike, pike-perch, spotfin pike, jack, jack fish, jack salmon; French: doré noir
Dorsal region of head and back brown to gray; sides paler, ventral region of head and belly white. Sides and back variously speckled with dusky spots; 4 dark saddles across back, some of which expand horizontally on sides. Eyes silvery in life; a well-de- veloped reflecting layer (tapetum lucidum) causes glowing in dark. Membranes on the spiny dorsal fin with definite horizontal rows of spots, and last few membranes not solid black; second dorsal and caudal fins with dark spots in regular rows; ventral lobe of caudal fin sometimes white edged. Pectoral fins lightly speckled, and with a strong, black blotch at base; pelvic and anal fins clear to lightly speckled.
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In Wisconsin, the sauger occurs in both the Lake Michigan and Mississippi River drainage basins, but not in Wisconsin waters of the Lake Superior drain- age.

State Sauger Records:

  • Illinois State Record:
    5 lbs 12 ozs caught by Bill Rolando caught on Mississippi River on July 30, 1967.
  • Indiana State Record:
    6 lbs 1 ozs caught by Mark Bigger caught on Tippecanoe River on January 1, 1988.
  • Iowa State Record:
    6 lbs 8 ozs caught by Mrs. W. Buser caught on Missouri River on October 1, 1976.
  • Michigan State Record:
    6 lbs 8 ozs caught by Gary Frederick caught on Torch Lake, Houghton County on January 1, 1976.
  • Minnesota State Record:
    6 lbs 3 ozs caught on Mississippi River on May 23, 1988.
  • Wisconsin State Record:
    5 lbs 13 ozs caught on Lake Wisconsin, Columbia County on November 8, 1988.