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Olson Lake

Winnebago County, Illinois
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Olson Lake is situated in Rock Cut State Park on the northeast side of Rockford.
Olson Lake is an artificial impoundment in the watershed of Pierce Lake. It was built in order to be a silt basin and prevent Pierce Lake from filling up with sediment. The lake was first filled in 1990, and it was 50 acres in size at the time of filling. The maximum depth was 12.0 feet with an average depth of 6.5 feet.

Olson Lake has a tremendous coverage of aquatic vegetation, consisting of coontail, Eurasian milfoil and white water lily. The lake was constructed using Build Illinois Funds and its main purpose was to provide swimming opportunities. To this end, an extensive beach was constructed on the south shoreline with a bathhouse and parking. Only a canoe or kayak launch facility is found at Olson Lake.
All fish: 2 pole and line fishing only.

Site Regulations:
Large or smallmouth bass: 1 fish daily limit; 14" minimum length limit
Channel catfish: 6 fish daily limit (no minimum length limit)

How big is Olson Lake?
Olson Lake is approximately 45 sq acres (0 sq km) in size.
How deep is Olson Lake?
Olson Lake is approximately 12 feet (3.7 m) at its deepest point with an average depth of 8 feet (2.4 m).
What kind of fish are in Olson Lake?
Anglers can expect to find a variety of fish including Bluegill, Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Muskie and Northern Pike in Olson Lake.

Other fish species in the lake include and Redear Sunfish.

When are the best fishing times for Olson Lake?
Today fishing looks to be moderately active with peak fishing times around 8-10 am and 3-4 pm and 8-9 pm. For more more best fishing times visit our Olson Lake Fishing Forecast page. Lake-Link Pro Members can get detailed fishing forecasts for up to 10 days in advance and species specific for Olson Lake.
What are the closest cities to Olson Lake?

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Olson Lake Reviews

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rick z.
5 star rating
Simply one of the best panfish lakes in the midwest!I travel south to fish this top 5 panfish lake in the United States.
Reviewed Dec 30, 2012
dennis m.
Rockford, Illinois
3 star rating
This lake is nice because of the access. Fish are present, but you have to work for them. I have had success, but like any other lake it is hit/miss. Draw back, Park closes at 5 pm winter, 10 pm summer. Pluses, easy access, able to move around lake, and mixed fish species. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!
Reviewed Jan 21, 2010
rodney b.
Rockford, Illinois
2 star rating
There ARE bass in this lake, but it is a swim beach by function, and therefore has some very VERY unuseful hours, 11am - 7 pm and you are NOT allowed to be in there while it is closed... I have caught a few 5 -6 pounders here and there oudda olsen lake... if the DNR would get off there butt and make this a full fledged fishing lake then it may get better... no gas motors allowed here, it is a very small lake (more like a pond) all in all I say dont waste your time coming to this place to fish...
Reviewed Jul 11, 2001
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