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Pittsfield Lake

Pike County, Illinois
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Lake Pittsfield is located in Pike County in West-Central Illinois between Pittsfield and Griggsville south of Interstate 72 and east of Route 107.
Pittsfield Lake was constructed by the city of Pittsfield in 1960 as a flood control impoundment. It was subsequently used as the source of drinking water for the city. No longer used as a water source, Pittsfield Lake attracts many anglers and campers to this rural setting. Pittsfield Lake has a maximum depth of 34 feet and an average depth of 12 feet. Shoreline length is 5.2 miles and is 241 acres. The western shoreline of the lake is predominately steep-sided and does not provide much bank angling access. The eastern shoreline is comprised of shallow flats, rip-rap shoreline and excellent aquatic vegetation beds. Underwater, fallen trees and submerged stumps are found throughout the lake.
The lake offers two boat launches, camping and picnicking. A boat permit and launch fee are required (Pittsfield City Hall 217-285-4484). The lake is no wake.

2 pole and line fishing only – sport anglers can harvest carp, buffalo, suckers and gar by bow and
arrow devices, gigs or spears during May and June.

Site Regulations:
Largemouth bass: 14” minimum length limit with a creel limit of 6 per day
Striped, white, or hybrid striped bass – 17” minimum length limit with a creel limit of 3 per day
Walleye – state wide - 14” minimum length limit with a creel limit of 6 per day

Effective April 21,2020
Fishing Tournaments held on Pittsfield City Lake require a $30.00 Tournament Permit issued by, Pittsfield City Hall, at least 5 days before the scheduled event. This replaces the previous individual launch fee for the day of the event only. Pre-fishing the lake prior to the scheduled event will require the daily launch fee or an annual lake permit.
Email: [email protected] or Email: [email protected]
How big is Pittsfield Lake?
Pittsfield Lake is approximately 241 sq acres (1 sq km) in size with 8 miles (12.2 km) of shoreline.
How deep is Pittsfield Lake?
Pittsfield Lake is approximately 34 feet (10.4 m) at its deepest point with an average depth of 12 feet (3.7 m).
What kind of fish are in Pittsfield Lake?
Anglers can expect to find a variety of fish including Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish, Hybrid Striped Bass, Largemouth Bass, Muskie, Northern Pike and Walleye in Pittsfield Lake.

Other fish species in the lake include Crappie and Redear Sunfish.

When are the best fishing times for Pittsfield Lake?
Today fishing looks to be not very active with peak fishing times around 9-11 am and 4-5 pm. For more more best fishing times visit our Pittsfield Lake Fishing Forecast page. Lake-Link Pro Members can get detailed fishing forecasts for up to 10 days in advance and species specific for Pittsfield Lake.
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Pittsfield Lake Reviews

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donald l.
Pleasant Hill, IL
3 star rating
I love fishing the lake because it is close to my house. I have caught crappie, channel catfish, bullhead catfish, bluegill, carp, walleye, large mouth bass. You can fish part of the lake from shore like I do. There is some large fish in the lake. Most are not that easy to catch because of the boat traffic.
Reviewed Feb 19, 2022
bryce w.
5 star rating
Great lake caught 2 5lb walleye and 1 2lb sauger. To top it all off I caught 113 1/2 lb striper and 2 lb largemouth. I also caught a six lb channel cat. There are flathead in there over 35lbs.
Reviewed Dec 22, 2011
logan s.
5 star rating
This was my first time going to this lake and it was November and that means you usually won't catch as much fish but I was wrong. We caught monster large mouth bass one was a 6 pounder. We caught monster crappie one 2 1/2 lb black crappie and also some monster bluegill. But to top it off we caught a 4 lb sauger and a 8 1/3 Striper. If anyone is a bass fisherman then you better get your but over her!
Reviewed Dec 3, 2011
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