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Mt. Sterling Lake

Brown County, Illinois
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Mt. Sterling Lake is located 1.5 miles from Mt. Sterling on Route 99 north.
The lake offers fishing and a boat ramp for (25 hp motors or less) boat access.The lake has 48 camping slips equipped with electrical hookups.

-Two pole and line fishing only and each pole must not have more than two hooks
or lines attached while fishing.
-Largemouth Bass – protected slot, no possession between 12-15”, 6 Fish Daily Harvest Limit
-Channel Catfish – 6 Fish Daily Harvest Limit

Boat Fees are $5 a day or $25 annually. There are no fees to fish.
All fees can be paid to the lake host, at city hall or left in the drop box at the building near the lake entrance.

The Lake is open April 1st- December 1st

Mt. Sterling Lake Website - https://mtsterlingil.com/mt-sterling-lake/
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kevin h.
Camp Point, Illinois
This lake is typically a very clear lake. The crappie & bass fishing used to be very good. Strip bass have been illigally introduced & have taken over. You can catch the Stripbass with ease. They are small, 7 to 10in. Catch/keep/kill all the stripbass you want. The crappie fishing can still be good at times. The bass tend to be big & fisty. The shoreline isn't overly accessable. But there is a nice boat ramp. It costs around $3 to launch a boat.
Reviewed Apr 23, 2010
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