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Wonder Lake

McHenry County, Illinois
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6/6/22 @ 6:54 PM
User since 12/8/08

Well so be it Darren! Kick me off! That is totally disrespectful. I will fight you the whole way. I respectfully gave the officer a well deserved thank you. He helped me in a time of need. This man continued to do so this morning and saved a man’s life! Yet you continue to censor my posts. I guess I need to post he couldn’t catch any fish as his hands were tied! He tried many different techniques unlike most! Underestimated he still was able to pull in the hull!  Unlike most this man has stood up too a hard hard fight repeatedly and so deserves a shout out. Any way if anyone has a problem with my content, feel free to stop by and discuss baits. As apparently someone needs help understanding respect. Amen if this the end than so be it! Tight lines cranks are working great! 

5/29/22 @ 5:06 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 1/6/22

No one out fishing the puddle? I guess I gotta get out on the lake again and post whats going on. Have a safe Holiday Boyz!! Tight linez

PS. Im remodeling a house in Wonder Lake. I snuck out on the East Side far south. Pulled a couple Bluegill off beds. One gill was 9 or more. Length of my hand. Couple small large mouth. All released. No pictures necessary. If I was gona lie they’d be bigger and more of them!  Lol. 

5/27/22 @ 2:42 PM
User since 12/8/08

Lol! Crappie my man still out there getting it! Love it. I cant talk about the things I would do to that carp on this site or I’d get hate hate mail from left  for the rest of my life! lol I heard through the grapevine that they are trying to change the name of brown trout cause it’s offensive to trout!   Anyways great to see ya posting again hope all is well. Hope she put up a killer fight. Looks like she would! Been slamming huge gills on the chain in my buddys spot that passed last year! Poured some vodka for a dead homie! Fly high Tommy. Appreciate the great times and spots shared! Tight lines 

5/19/22 @ 9:07 AM
User since 10/22/11

The cribs are spread out but non are in deep water

Except for the north and there is no " deep" water in the lake.

5/17/22 @ 12:10 PM
User since 12/5/16

Pantera 2... Do you want to smoke that carp? ??

4/18/22 @ 7:39 PM
User since 12/29/12

The cribs are spread out but non are in deep water or in boat traffic areas. The MPOA/Sportsman's club will determine if the map will be released.  The intent is to not put fishing pressure on the cribs, they are meant to be protection for the small/young fish. 

4/17/22 @ 8:49 AM
User since 1/3/02


This is good to hear, and I fully support these efforts, however, I doubt everyone who fishes this lake will cut there lines every time they get snagged. If you could offer some more details about their general locations, it might help. Are they near the existing structures alongside the dam, near a certain subdivision's beach, in a specific bay, etc.

4/17/22 @ 6:58 AM
User since 12/29/12

FYI, FYI Alert

32 fishing cribs have been installed into the lake bottom. Some of these cribs are in areas that you have fished and you will get snagged on them, so be very careful. Cribs are in water 5-6 feet deep and are very near the shore drop off. They are not in areas  that a boat will run over at full speed. If you happen to get snagged, please cut your line so as to not disturb the crib.


4/15/22 @ 9:53 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 1/6/22

My account on lake link is fairly new because I never knew about it. A guy I met icefishing on wonder Lake this year told me about it. So I started an account and started posting. I am an avid fisherman. All I do is work fish and ride motorcycles. I grew up in wonder Lake. Have lived in wonder Lake, McHenry, or Woodstock my entire life. Without a doubt I can say that I have finished wonder Lake at least 3500 times in my life. I have never seen or caught a rock bass. I fish Lake Geneva quite a bit. I always have fished Lake Geneva. Almost every single time I go out on Lake Geneva I catch a rock bass. Now I understand that Lake Geneva has a decent population of rock bass. I just think it would be impossible for me to have never caught one on wonder Lake. Not to mention that no one I’ve ever been with has ever caught one. No one has ever told me about catching one. This is literally the first time I have seen rock bass and wonder Lake in the same context. So the dude has a checkered past. Criminal. No honor. Thats fine. To each his own. Add it all up….. Short version for me, that fish was not caught in wonder Lake. 

4/14/22 @ 1:41 AM
Last Sniff
Last Sniff
User since 1/15/22

Well to tell the truth I only live about 15 minutes away from the Braidwood cooling lake but I hardly ever go fishing there same with Heidecke ( lol, not sure if I spelled it right ) because it's a lot of walking to find the good spots and my feet and knees aren't the best anymore lol. Fishing trip would be nice it's just a hard time for me to schedule them due to having to go to appointments at Hines and wondering what the weather is going to be like.

Was out Tuesday with a buddy at the family pit caught some nice crappie and gill's but threw them back if they were 11 inches and over kept 4 of them that were under 10" and same for the gill's only kept 3 that were 7.5" and turned bigger ones back. Lol my buddy wanted to keep some of the bigger ones, but he understood that they were the breeder stock. Well just after it got dark and we were starting to pack up for the day, I was reeling in my bobber and when I was no more than 5 to 7 ft away from the bank all of a sudden bobber was gone and line started peeling off my reel and the fight was on.

At the time I was fishing with a 10ft crappie rod and it only has 4lb test on it. About an hour goes by and I finally got a chance to see that it was a very big cat and if my buddy didn't have his fishing net with I think I might of lost the fish.

Finally landed it and I was a big old flat head, tried to measure it on my fish bar but it bigger than the 32" bar, after catching my breath and finally finishing packing up my gear we took some pictures but sadly some of them turned out blurry.

So I needed to get the cat weighed and I took it to my cousin's house where he has a deer scale, after figuring out a way to string it up on the scale the cat weighed 40lbs and measured at 34 inches. Not bad for only having 4lb test line lol. I'll post a few pictures that did come out. My cousin is the one holding up the scale, lol I couldn't hold it up long enough.

Displaying 31 to 40 of 2,233 posts

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