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10/2/22 @ 11:31 PM
Yurbro Pedro
Yurbro Pedro
User since 3/20/18
Sunny 66° - 70° F

     Report from the last two days of shore fishing.  1 Oct produced three channels (best one was 5 lbs) and six yellow bullheads; all on cut bait.  

     2 Oct was a bit more notable; five channels, six bullhead, and one carp.  We finally caught a double-digit carp.  Wondertucky1 enticed this 21.5 lbs common carp with corn.  While he was fighting the fish, I reeled in the adjacent fishing pole’s line to get it out of the way.  Instead, the loose line triple-wrapped and tied around the line with the fish.  One reel had red copolymer line and the other had green mono line, so it was easy to differentiate the two when I had the cut the line.  It was like in the movies, when a bomb is ticking and one of the wires needed to get cut to diffuse the bomb . . . “Red wire or the green wire?!”   Anyway, I cut the correct one and netted the fish.  Wondertucky1 remained calm and collected even while I was geeking out.  

     One more neat series of events this evening.  I caught a channel (3.5 lbs) (pictured) with a live green pumpkin and was able to salvage the dead green pumpkin.  I cut off its head, used the body, and caught another channel (5.25 lbs).  I then used its head and caught the third channel (4 lbs).   

8/18/22 @ 1:00 AM
Yurbro Pedro
Yurbro Pedro
User since 3/20/18
Sunny 81° - 88° F
Water: Above 80° F

Okay, two reports in one because of the uniqueness in each event.  1.  Late July, the 3-lbs largemouth bass was caught shorefishing, with a live bluegill; we were fishing for carp and cats.  We caught a few carp with corn, channels and yellow bullhead with cutbait.  2.  Aug 9, in a boat, Wondertucky1 caught this 6-lbs channel with a spinnerbait; we were fishing for bass.  The last cast of the day, Wondertucky1 hooked into a largmouth with a crankbait; simultaneously, a smallmouth thump my spinnerbait.  We ended the day with a double.  We've been fishing hard and it has been very tough this summer.

8/8/22 @ 7:31 AM
User since 12/29/12

Catfish derby is this weekend. 8-13,14-2022 Catch and Keep.

8/5/22 @ 1:14 PM
User since 1/11/03

No mention of the cat derby on the wl sportsman page yet. 

8/5/22 @ 7:25 AM
User since 1/3/02

Does anyone know if they are having the Catfish Derby this year?

7/13/22 @ 7:12 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 1/6/22
Night Time 71° - 75° F
Water: 71° - 75° F

Quick out off the pier last night. Big moon. Big crappie. Only casted about 20 times. Caught 3 nice crappie. Plastic purple worm. 1 little bass on a jointed. Was a fun 20 minutes!!

6/11/22 @ 10:38 AM
User since 12/8/08

Appreciate that pin boy! I’ve dedicated my life to help people be free and catch more fish! Yet attacked for posting positive positions on this officer which if you know me, well even I never thought that would happen! Non the less I did and was deleted. Anyway we went out last night and had a good old time pulling cranks! God bless as we all will need to team up for what the future holds as the commander and chief is what was once a disbelief! Stay strong patriots! 

6/10/22 @ 12:42 AM
User since 1/11/03

Wait.. what did I miss? I know bits and pieces of the story but not nearly all. What I do know is that pantera is a stand up dude and an ethical fisherman. 

6/6/22 @ 9:42 PM
User since 1/3/02

I don't see what the problem is. Pantera did not have his comments marked as a fishing report. Many fishermen from Wonder Lake know the officer and the story is something that happened on the lake, and likely to be of interest to people who follow this thread. To take issue with this posting is ridiculous, especially considering all of the stupid, angry, idiotic, and vitriolic posts I've seen that haven't been censored. Just try and read the Geneva thread after a slow week of fishing, or the delevan thread pretty much anytime for examples. 

6/6/22 @ 7:55 PM
User since 6/6/22

Dido I know Panthers and that boy don’t jump Into a fire without a fire extinguisher without a reason. Anyway  the eyes have truly been on cracks per his report! 

Displaying 21 to 30 of 2,233 posts

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