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2/17/23 @ 4:22 PM
User since 4/30/09
Hows the ice on Lake Zuricb? Anyone wanna go out tmrw?
1/27/23 @ 2:17 PM
User since 5/13/16

Any updates?

12/22/22 @ 11:45 AM
User since 4/28/11

I know you guys have been out there fishing, tell us how it went and what were the ice conditions.whats the secret?

7/10/22 @ 6:39 PM
King's Kid
User since 7/10/22

I see the usual misinformation so common these days. Let me add more confusion by adding actual facts.  

Last year was the first time harvesting was used in the lake in 15yrs.  They used it again this year along with herbicide treatment for invasive plants.  They never proposed or did a treatment designed to kill all the plants in the lake.  Sonar is done in late April or early may for when there's Milfoil present,  BEFORE the good plants start to grow.  Never at a strength that kills anything else and not every year.  It actually enables the good plants to thrive instead of being pushed out by non-native plants.  

The proper use of herbicides can help a lake to prosper.  Mis-use, like anything else, can be harmful.  Properly used, they go hand in hand with proper harvesting techniques.  Mis-use of harvesting also can hurt a lake.

The lake bottom owners have a right to some level of enjoyment on their lake.  There are over 200 boats on LZ, about 10% of those are fishing designed boats.  Lake bottom owner fishermen should also have their rights on the water.  There's no reason both can't get along with a reasonable amount of plants.  The association stocks thousands - thousands - of fish every year in the lake, and that's not for the water skiers. 

6/17/22 @ 6:29 AM
User since 6/26/14

Odd that you take precautions on how much fish you eat but are willing to swim and boat and fish after they spray poison in the lake. if the association lets them kill 90% of the weeds it will kill 90% of the fish along with the weeds. Would you let ur kids play in the lawn after they spray for weeds same difference. Do u actually believe the sprayer would tell u anything different than the chemical causes no harm to humans, fish or environment. It’s a lake not a pool suggest a pool if homeowners don’t want to rake weeds. I Fish 50 to 100 days a year different lakes all the time. Paw Paw lake was One of the best bass, pike, crappie lakes in SW Michigan total weed kill as they are suggesting in 2012. Was Fairly clear prior to the spray with very good fish populations. Afterwards water turned dark brown oxygen in water so badly depleted they had to put aerators in a 1000 acre lake that is 70 feet deep. Fish populations have never come back there are many of the same stories. Weed sprayers selling association a bag of goods. Please say no those chemicals are not healthy to humans or environment.    


Displaying 1 to 10 of 1,380 posts
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