Saturday morning after Thanksgiving started out cold about 29? was out on Lake for 5 hours 2 hours no lock on walleye ran up from damn about 4 miles in fish a cove caught 20 crappies on the 1st pot kept 8 over 12".

Bassing by dragging tube jigs and tossing countdown Rapala was slow with 4 little guys.

Walleye rigs are hand tied 15 lb fluorocarbon Seagaur gold, orange,  chartreuse and red Smile blades preferred over Indiana or Colorado  blades. I space 2 #2 Owner Octopus red hooks 4 to 5 inches apart and have a small orange or glow corkie along with 7 beads, then blade. 

I sometimes snip 1/2" of florescent mini straw and pack tuna or sardines. Just push the beads out of the way and pack it.

A 3 way swivel works fine, but I use bottom walkers. You can make your own if the tackle shop doesn't have any. 

3 ounces of lead should keep you in the 15 to 25 foot contour lines on the bottom at 1.5 mph.

Try to stay as vertical as possible,  making occasional contact with the bottom. 

Main lake points, coves and riprap are the places to try first.

Good luck