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Last water temp report: 11/28/23.
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5/22/23 @ 1:41 AM
reel riot
User since 8/26/01
Fast limits on Coho look to be done ! Charter Boats coming in with single digits on Coho counts ! Looks like the main push of coho are now pushing up north of the state line ! Best advice i heard "is follow the bait" ! 
5/17/23 @ 1:07 PM
User since 11/13/14
Reel Riot - Fishing has been great. Check the facebook group for winthrop/waukegan for daily reports. 
5/17/23 @ 1:46 AM
reel riot
User since 8/26/01
Anyone have any success stories on the Coho trolling bite from Waukegan to Winthrop Harbor in the last few days ? Whats working ?  Dipsey divers, Yellow Birds, Riggers , Dodgers & Flies, Depths ???  The SILENCE is DEAFENING !!!
3/31/23 @ 1:45 AM
reel riot
User since 8/26/01

Check your messages !
3/30/23 @ 3:54 PM
User since 7/28/17
Thanks everyone for you help!
If I get out, it won't be until the middle of April.... unfortunately work gets in the way.
I'll keep you posted how I do if I get out.
3/30/23 @ 1:24 AM
reel riot
User since 8/26/01
I would recommend you launch out of Waukegan , as the better coho reports are coming out of the Salmon Stop in Waukegan ! I would recommend you troll  south 
towards Great Lakes & Back to Waukegan in 25 to 40 ft of water ! Look for bait as the Alewives should be coming in soon with water temps closing in on 40 degrees ! You could also troll or cast outside the Power plant just north of the harbor, if the power plant is pushing out warm water ! ! The coho are more south than north yet this time of year ! Yellow Birds and Dipsey Divers are best this time of year for trolling ! I would wait about a week as small craft advisories are out starting Thursday afternoon thru the weekend, and early next week  ! Tell us how you do <((((<  Reel Riot 
3/29/23 @ 5:58 PM
User since 7/28/17
Thank You for the heads up. I would launch out of Winthrop Harbor, and only launch if the winds are light and out of the west, and not venture too far south or too far east into the lake. 
Any lure suggestions? 
3/29/23 @ 1:44 PM
User since 7/28/17
Thanks a ton electricfb! 
I’ve never tried trolling Lake Michigan and limited experience with salmon/ trout. 
3/29/23 @ 12:07 PM
User since 7/28/17
How long do the coho stay in shallow to be catchable with a small boat trolling cranks? 
3/12/23 @ 5:08 AM
reel riot
User since 8/26/01
Yes I would like to go next week .Weather looks good Wed. if winds are good ?. 
Check your private messages for details 
Reel Riot   <((((<
Displaying 1 to 10 of 47 posts

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