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Lake Holiday, La Salle County

Lake Holiday, La Salle County

10/14/18 @ 12:56 PM
Pauly sr
USER SINCE 10/14/18

Dont live at lake Holiday but my son works at the marina , and i have a family guest pass,so i do fish it . Would be great to fish the ice with a fellow angler. Im a big guy myself so i HAVE to make sure the ice is safe myself. Dont really care for swimming in january. New at lake link so not sure how we contact eachother. My # is 6309817476. Plz leave a message.

12/21/13 @ 7:49 AM
USER SINCE 3/15/10
Just lookin for someone who wants to hit the ice. I don't feel safe by myself. I live in lake holiday but am willing to try other lakes. Just shot me a text or call at 6309737539

1/22/13 @ 8:42 PM
USER SINCE 3/19/12
I have fished Lake Holiday since 1983. Both legally and illegally(yeah,thats right,I do not live there). For the last 15 year's,I have done so legally,attended club meeting's here and there,provided christmas tree's,helped with spawning at the hatchery for walleye. I rarely caught a yellow or white bass until 2008,We found them big in size and kept them. Each year after,we found more yellow bass,and the panfish a little smaller. To keep things simple,yellow and white bass are prolific and if not kept down will eat everything and all fish will be smaller due to lack of food. As for seeing dead fish on the ice: Put the crappie's and bluegill's back in the lake. Yellow and white bass-do not put them back in the lake. I and my son had a chance to fish Holiday with a close friend who lives there a few weeks ago,we caught over 70 5in. yellow bass.My son say's ask me,how much meat on a 5in. yellow versus a 8 in. Bluegill? Sticky sharp 4in. Rapala fillet knife came out,we filled a bag,food for us and good for the lake.

Security/Police-Was very happy to hear and see they are checking daily this year,they checked I and my son,all good. Hope the Biologist's can provide more answer's-

1/20/13 @ 6:28 PM
USER SINCE 11/18/07
I agree with some ideas that the land owners have. I have access to a large private lake community similar to Lake Holiday. I fish it about 3-7 times per year. But I dont take anyone with me and I dont talk about what I catch. Someone a few posts down that says he is protecting the lake and showing pics of small crappies. Protect the lake and throw some of them poker chips back in. I see plenty of people that complain about a lake getting fished out by tresspassers, but they dont stop to look there fish baskets. Maybe to protect the fish...for everyone....set a slot limit to properly protect whats going on underneath the water, rather than above it. Believe will even out for the best.

1/20/13 @ 9:02 AM
USER SINCE 12/8/08
i am pretty sure no one is going to risk it anymore because everyone is posting small fish. its basically like shabbona now with big houses around it. If i were you guys i wouldn't post on this page anymore because once you do people are going to start sneaking in your lake. Especially with no fence going around it. Dull

1/19/13 @ 8:04 PM
USER SINCE 2/17/12
Is this a private lake??? thanks for the information

1/19/13 @ 7:45 PM
USER SINCE 4/14/10
It's sad when people have no problem whatsoever essentially stealing and/or trespassing on a private place. Our dues pay for this place... how would you like it if I hung out in your private woods or back yard? How about if you had a farm pond and caught me fishing it? Exactly. Posting about it is fine and I will lead the parade when you are arrested for tresspassing. If you want to risk it so be it but I bet you'd say the same as residents if somebody was intruding on your private land or private club. That said, this is not addressing guide trips or fishing regs. Just the thought that people think trespassing is fine since you post on a public forum Puke

1/18/13 @ 7:32 PM
USER SINCE 3/20/08
Hey NILbasser most of the fish I have seen thrown on the ice are white and yellow bass(which according to the new limit signs are to be removed) Did ya ever think that maybe the fish was foul hooked??? Maybe it was put back in and it floated back up??? What are you supposed to do with it?? Its dead , the birds will eat it. I live in Lake Holiday as well and I have groups of people and friends out all the time. I've invited people from here and other fishing sites out here(oh and never charged a dime by the way).They are ALWAYS with me and not wandering around the lake. Most fisherman are respectful. I've met alot of good guys from these sites.. One hand washes the other. I've gotten invites to fish private clubs and other places and made lasting friendships. Hey guess what its really none of your business how many fish are being taken as long as you dont exceed the limits. Up until this year there were no limits on gills and 25 on crappie(that usually amounts to a bucket full). Guess what, I will take my limits every time I fish if I want to and its none of your god damn business. I pay my dues and I own property!!! I will also invite whoever the hell out here that I want. Maybe you should get off your high horse and find somewhere else to post. Maybe you should really tell security to get out and check more often and there will be no "raping" of fish as you say. They have been out a helluva lot more often in the last 2 years than I have seen them out the last 7 I've been here. Wondering

1/18/13 @ 4:17 PM
USER SINCE 5/26/11
Yes it is illegal and yes we are trying to protect the resouces we have. There have been far to many people illegally "raping" our lake the past 5 years or so, hence the recent crackdown. It really is sickening to have people just come in here any throw small fish on the ice because they feel there are to many little ones or see them take home buckets full of fish. We wrok way to hard to sustain and improve what we have created to watch it go to waste. I have no problem with someone bringing a friend out here to have a good time but not accepting "payment" from someone who is just looking to access the lake. If you don't think its a problem then go create your own " Lake Holiday" or buy some property out here, pay your dues, and help us with all the work that is involved!!!

1/18/13 @ 6:35 AM
USER SINCE 12/8/08
i doubt its illegal. hes prob just mad that people are bring in other individuals and getting something for it. As we pound the lake like a 2 x4. Its not like you can get rich off of it. You guys pay fees just like he does and have the same ownership to the lake. If this place was truely private they would put a fence around it. Anyone can drive around it.

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