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There are 11 lakes to explore within 13 miles of Post Falls.

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Hauser Lake
Hauser Lake - Kootenai County, Idaho
Approx 5.5 miles away
  • SIZE: 604 acres
    Liberty Lake
    Liberty Lake - Spokane County, Washington
    Approx 8.4 miles away
    • SIZE: 706 acres
      Newman Lake
      Newman Lake - Spokane County, Washington
      Approx 8.5 miles away
      • SIZE: 1,129 acres
        Tottens Pond
        Tottens Pond - Kootenai County, Idaho
        Approx 8.7 miles away
        • SIZE: 15 acres
          Avondale Lake
          Avondale Lake - Kootenai County, Idaho
          Approx 9.2 miles away
          • SIZE: 58 acres
            Alpine Lake
            Alpine Lake - Kootenai County, Idaho
            Approx 10.3 miles away
            • SIZE: 41 acres
              Fernan Lake
              Fernan Lake - Kootenai County, Idaho
              Approx 10.4 miles away
              • SIZE: 365 acres
                Lake Hayden
                Lake Hayden - Kootenai County, Idaho
                Approx 11.2 miles away
                • SIZE: 3,858 acres
                  Twin Lakes
                  Twin Lakes - Kootenai County, Idaho
                  Approx 11.4 miles away
                  • SIZE: 914 acres
                    Shelley Lake
                    Shelley Lake - Spokane County, Washington
                    Approx 12.5 miles away
                    • SIZE: 20 acres
                      Coeur d'Alene Lake
                      Coeur d'Alene Lake - Benewah County, Idaho
                      Approx 12.6 miles away
                      • SIZE: 31,876 acres

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