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Idahooffers and abuncance of quality lakes for fishing, boating, hunting, swimming and outdoor recreation.

Let's find an Idaho lake to explore...

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Plan Your Stay In Idaho

Plan Your Stay In Idaho

Kick back an relax. Idaho offers a ton a places to stay; from resorts, to private rentals or hotels. Just tell us where you're heading to and we will see what we can find!.

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Top Viewed Lakes In Idaho

  1. Bitch Lake - Idaho County
  2. Crane Creek Reservoir - Washington County
  3. Chesterfield Reservoir - Caribou County
  4. Succor Creek Reservoir - Owyhee County
  5. Kelso Lake - Bonner County
  6. Grasmere Reservoir - Owyhee County
  7. Harrison Slough - Kootenai County
  8. Lake Waha - Nez Perce County
  9. Stone Reservoir - Oneida County
  10. Muskrat Lake - Bonner County
  1. Herrick Reservoir - Valley County
  2. Oxford Reservoir - Franklin County
  3. Soldiers Meadow Reservoir - Nez Perce County
  4. Mirror Lake - Bonner County
  5. Hauser Lake - Kootenai County
  6. Ben Ross Reservoir - Adams County
  7. Goose Creek Reservoir (Oakley Reservoir) - Cassia County
  8. Jewel Lake - Bonner County
  9. Dog Creek Reservoir - Gooding County
  10. Cave Lake - Kootenai County

Top Rated Lakes In Idaho

  1. Horseshoe Lake - Fremont County
  2. Mud Lake - Jefferson County

Top Searched Cities In Idaho

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