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Map Viewer Printing Issues

JAN 4, 2012
Some of you have reported problems trying to print a map from the Lake-Link Map Viewer. We have been scratching our heads pretty hard on this one as we did not change anything within the code of the Map Viewer. With some extensive research we have found that the issues lies in a "bug" with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (version 11) and printing of images. You can see one of the discussions regarding the printing issues of Adobe Flash Player 11 in the Adobe Forums:

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do from a programming end to make this work because the problem lies within Flash Player itself. I'm sure Adobe is getting bombarded with complaints from developers regarding this issue. We have to wait for Adobe to fix this bug.

In the mean time, if you have recently installed the most recent version of Flash Player and are having problems printing maps you will need to revert back to the previous version of Flash Player (Flash Player 10). ONLY DO THIS IF YOU ARE HAVING PRINTING ISSUES. Instructions are below. We will continue to monitor Adobe's progress with this bug. We apologize for any inconvenience.

You can download the un-installer and find instructions at


Here is a link to the Flash Player zip file. Download this file to your computer. Close your web browser. Extract the files from the .zip file download. After you extract the files open the folder named "10_3r183_11". In there you will see a bunch of different files. You will need to install the one that pertains to your computer. For example if you use Internet Explorer you will need to choose either "flashplayer10_3r183_11_winax.exe" or "flashplayer10_3r183_11_winax.msi"

Windows XP/Vista/7/2003/2008
- Internet Explorer: flashplayer10_3r183_11_winax.exe
- Internet Explorer: flashplayer10_3r183_11_winax.msi
- Netscape: flashplayer10_3r183_11_win.exe
- Netscape: flashplayer10_3r183_11_win.msi
- Standalone: flashplayer10_3r183_11_win_sa.exe
- Uninstaller: uninstall_flashplayer10_3r183_11_win.exe

Mac OS X (Intel):
- Plugin: flashplayer10_3r183_11_mac.dmg
- Standalone:
- Uninstaller: uninstall_flashplayer10_3r183_11_mac.dmg

- Plugin: flashplayer_10_3r183_11_linux.tar.gz
- Standalone: flashplayer_10_3r183_11_linux_sa.tar.gz

- Sparc: flashplayer10_3r183_11_solaris_sparc.tar.bz2
- X86: flashplayer10_3r183_11_solaris_x86.tar.bz2
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