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I log in but the system does not keep me logged in.

Most likely what the problem is that you have "per session" cookies (also known as "non-persistent" cookies) disabled on your web browser. Many times when people disable cookies on their computer they also inadvertently disable these temporary "per session" cookies as well. This is a temporary bit of information that remembers your logon and account information when you visit web sites and lasts only a couple of hours (that is why after a little while of non-activity you will need to log in again).

The easiest way to resolve this it to just allow cookies from and then that should also enable session cookies as well.

If you do not wish to enable cookies then you need to look browser settings (or other program that would block cookies) for an option to allow session or non-persistent cookies from which should be separate from the option to allow regular cookies. For full details on how we use cookies go to

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