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Can I transfer waypoints from Lake-Link to my fish locator or GPS?

Yes! You can use the Lake-Link Waypoint Exporting tool to export your waypoints from Lake-Link to your fish locator or GPS unit if it is capable of importing data.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a "one way" export of your waypoints from Lake-Link to your fish locator or GPS unit. This does not transfer waypoints from your GPS or fish locator to Lake-Link. We hope to have a "sync" tool in the future to be able to synchronize your waypoints from your GPS/fish locator and Lake-Link.

How to export your waypoints
The first step is to use Waypoint Exporting Tool to create a data file is compatible with your GPS unit or fish locator. You can then use this file and import/load it in to your GPS or fish locator as per the manufacturer's instructions. Depending on how your GPS or fish locator accepts data files, you will most likely have to copy the waypoint file to a memory card or use software that came with your GPS device.

Importing the waypoint file using a memory card
If you fish locator or GPS has a slot that takes a memory card, the easiest way to transfer the data is to put the waypoint data file onto the memory card, insert the memory card into your device and then load the data from the memory card as per the manufacturer's instructions. If you need a memory card, displayed below are some memory card options from MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE PROPER MEMORY CARD TYPE FOR YOUR UNIT. The majority of fish locators use SD (secure digital) memory cards. Click here for a tutorial on how to import your Waypoint data file into a Lowrance fish locator.

How do I transfer the waypoint file to a memory card?
Many computers nowadays have built in memory card readers where you can insert your memory card and your computer sees it as another hard drive. You can just copy the waypoint file to the card just as you copy any other file on your computer. If you do not have a memory card reader built into your computer, you can purchase a USB one inexpensively. The memory card reader plugs into your USB port on your computer. Displayed to the right is a memory card reader from

Importing the waypoint file using software that came with your device.
Many GPS units and even some fish locators have accompanying software programs that you install on your computer to manage data on the device. Once you have your waypoint data file saved on your computer, read the program's manual or help files for specific instructions on how to import the waypoint data file.

Technical Support
Since there are so many kinds of GPS units and fish locators out there, Lake-Link is unable to provide any technical support for specific GPS units or fish locators. You will have to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your device.

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