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Are there any browser or computer requirements for the Map Viewer?

Browser Requirements
You can use whatever browser you wish but in order you view the maps you must have Flash Viewer 7 or greater installed. 98% of all browsers have Flash Player installed but we recommend you upgrade to the latest version. You can do so by going to

System Requirements
There are no minimum computer system requirements in order to view the maps but as with any software application, the speed of the Map Viewer will depend on the processing power of your computer. If you have an older computer you may experience slower running speeds on lake maps with high detail of information. This will not hinder the printability of the maps just some of the zooming and panning features.

Internet Connection
You must be online to view the maps. As with any online application, the faster your Internet connection speed the better. However the maps are relatively small in file size and you should have no problem using the Map Viewer application even if you are on dial-up.

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