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There are 9 lakes to explore within 20 miles of Barnesville.

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Barnesville Reservoir
Barnesville Reservoir - Lamar County, Georgia
Approx 5.3 miles away
  • SIZE: 71 acres
    Hugh Steele Lake
    Hugh Steele Lake - Lamar County, Georgia
    Approx 5.8 miles away
    • SIZE: 34 acres
      North Crystal Lake
      North Crystal Lake - Spalding County, Georgia
      Approx 10.8 miles away
      • SIZE: 36 acres
        High Falls Lake
        High Falls Lake - Butts County, Georgia
        Approx 12.1 miles away
        • SIZE: 561 acres
          Lake Lewis
          Lake Lewis - Pike County, Georgia
          Approx 14.1 miles away
          • SIZE: 39 acres
            Hightower Lake
            Hightower Lake - Upson County, Georgia
            Approx 15.6 miles away
            • SIZE: 73 acres
              Bottoms Lake
              Bottoms Lake - Pike County, Georgia
              Approx 16.5 miles away
              • SIZE: 30 acres
                Shoal Creek Lake
                Shoal Creek Lake - Spalding County, Georgia
                Approx 17.0 miles away
                • SIZE: 39 acres
                  Chief McIntosh Lake
                  Chief McIntosh Lake - Butts County, Georgia
                  Approx 18.6 miles away
                  • SIZE: 92 acres

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