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Winter Kill Starting to happen??

3/5/14 @ 9:51 AM
User since 9/20/11
Last weekend I was bored out of my mind and needed to get out of the house so I took off for a long drive through farm country to see what I could see as far as how the deer / turkeys are faring.

I actually laid eyes on a couple of deer...which seemed to be fine, and a few turkeys that quite honestly looked skinny to me. (no, I'm not a turkey weight expert, I just thought they didn't look quite right)

What really concerned me was that I saw 1/2 dozen spots within sight of the paved road that I would consider to be wintering or thermal cover in the area I live (wide shelter belts, stands of red pines with low hanging branches, cedar swamp areas). Above each of those areas were a bunch of crows (murder of crows?) and many of them had a few bald eagles sprinkled in also.

In my experience, eagles and crows / ravens in the trees usually means something pretty good sized is below. I've never seen more than one or 2 of those congregations in my area and never this time of year.

What is everyone else seeing so far?

8/7/14 @ 9:40 AM
Hill of No Fishes
User since 5/27/08
Walked the woods of Monroe County (near Cashton) for about 3 hours yesterday. Didn't see any live deer (mid-morning) but there was plenty of sign. Was also happy not to see any winter kill laying on the ground. Hopefully the deer were able to take shelter in the valleys this winter...

5/8/14 @ 7:21 AM
ol sarge
ol sarge
User since 3/8/04
I am still seeing plenty of deer. I saw 12 in the middle of Tomah the other day. Maybe this area is just blessed because of all of the corn crops around and the abundance of cover for them. I have seen less road kill this spring than in the past. I guess that as the spring wears on we will be able to tell the real deal when the does start to give birth.

5/7/14 @ 7:19 AM
User since 5/6/11
with very few deer here in the hayward area anyway i was pleasently surprised to see deer in our area. our snow is allmost gone now and the lakes are opening and mostly free of ice. 2 days before the reg deer opener we still had a deer with spots coming thru our funnel. not bright spots like when it was born but you could see them. during the gun deer season bambi would come thru whith it's mother about every other day and as it got colder the sopts faded away. anyway after christmas all of our deer vanished and there was no sign of them and just recently they started traveling thru again and on sunday morning i woke up to witness bambi out the kitchen window. ya just can't forget that baby face. it's a miracle they can survive all them nights with -30 below with no food. so to make a long story short it was cool. we have seen some fish kill in the area and found a few dead turkeys in some trees and heard of rumors of big fish kill on the flowage caused by the dnr trying to kill some weeds.

4/15/14 @ 10:23 PM
User since 10/5/05
I've actually been seeing a lot more deer this march/april than I have in years. Both in east-central wisconsin and the Vilas/Forest county area.

4/15/14 @ 8:04 AM
User since 5/2/05
and its STILL snowing along the south shore of lake superior, that cant be good for the deer herd

4/1/14 @ 8:51 PM
ol sarge
ol sarge
User since 3/8/04
Last week in central Monroe County. 18 deer and bunch of turkeys.

3/30/14 @ 3:22 PM
land man
User since 9/12/06
I was out in the woods for a total of 6 hours of walking yesterday and today. I went in both Marathon and Portage counties - old DMU 62A. No signs of winter kill, even when I went into known historical yarding areas (large cedar swamps). The deer I saw looked to be in good shape. LOTS of deer sign in some of the woods I walked.

I was in Rusk county on Friday for a one hour walk- Glen Flora area (old DMU 19). Did not see any dead deer, but very little sign of live deer movement either.

3/26/14 @ 8:13 AM
Brother of the brush
User since 1/22/12
Taylor county..Was out with the hounds coyote hunting last week. Walked in the woods 3 times and found dead deer on all 3 walks. All looked like they died within the week. I fear there may be many more...

3/26/14 @ 7:13 AM
ol sarge
ol sarge
User since 3/8/04
Was out yesterday and saw the same thing, alot of deer in the fields hugging the tree line. Saw one group that had between 20 and 30 deer in it and the other group was about six. All deer looked healthy and in decent shape considering the hard winter. I am seeing more road kill since the melt began. All does so far but I think since they can now move freely, that makes sense.

3/25/14 @ 2:27 PM
User since 5/2/05
Area 2 and 3 im sure has some winter kill march 24 and a lot of snow in the woods, not a good scenario for the deer population.

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