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Wolf Hunt!

2/15/21 @ 11:43 AM
USER SINCE 9/25/14

Wolf tags go on sale @ 12:01am 2/16/21! Clear your calendars for next week!


11/16/21 @ 7:50 AM
USER SINCE 7/24/01

River- I'll add this experience as an example. This fall in the National forest on one of the forest roads I was going to a grouse hunting spot. I came around a curve in the road and there were at least 6-7 trucks and at least 10 bear hunters and dogs in the road. They were putting dogs in the trucks. No problem I can wait. Most were drinking beer. I couldn't care less that they were. I had been on the same road the day before so I knew the spot. I came back about an hour later and they were all gone. Right where they were parked were beer cans in the road and ditches along with 2 broken 5 gallon plastic buckets and cheeto's bags which I saw them holding when I came through earlier. Did I see them throw their beer cans and other litter out? No. But who do you think may have dumped it all there. I came through the next day with a garbage bag and cleaned it all up.

11/15/21 @ 7:47 PM

Have you considered hunting Vilas County?  Really good fishing and hunting over there per lake link moderators.   I kid, Black Dan sucks as does all of WI.

11/15/21 @ 6:49 PM
USER SINCE 11/29/01

Not so fast. Frenchbritt is from Phillips. I have land in Prcie co. that butts up to Price co. public land. I have seen what kind of slobs someone is. I'm not sure who is doing it though. It is discusting what some people do on public land. It's not just up north neither. Just Saturday in Washington co. ( WIs.) I com up to a parking area on public land. Some idiot guts a deer right on the stones in the parking area. I have picked up so much crap in my days there . I even called in for an abandoned canoe. Was there 5weeks right by the lot. Why,,, and what do others here think the mentality of a "hunter" that guts a deer in the parking area. (1), he is too dumb to know better. (2) He wanted to irritate other hunters and discourage them. (3) he didnt know how and someone had to come and help him??.  My guess is, he is an idiot that thinks its funny. IN Price co. I have seen the same thing. People up north (Good ol Price co. again)  gut about half a dozen over the years  at the end of the road right by my driveway gate and leaving the gut pile right there.  I am quite sure it is the punks down the road taunting me. I am not discouraged though cause all their deer come off illegal stands and bait piles on public land. "Hunters" can be the worst. They are jealous of others, even if they have more land, better trucks, better everything but shoot a spike cause heaven forbid some one else might enjoy a harvest. One even admitted he shot a 4 point cause if he didn't , someone else would, then looked away from me, but towards the cabins that his cousins own.  I'm not sure this neighbor was implying I would , or the violating ,shoot anything and MAYBE even tag it relatives . Price co. forest crop land is so beat up with trucks and ATV's going down every old logging road there is that you can't even get back in the woods much anymore. 

11/15/21 @ 4:09 PM
USER SINCE 10/3/12

French Brit. I honestly dont see what youre seeing. I am in the woods multiple days a week and within 30 miles of you. I run across several bear baits and I dont see any litter that says its from bear or wolf hunters. Yeah I see litter along roads beer cans etc but not in the woods.  I can go anywhere in the usa and see the same litter in all 50 states. The hunters I know are heavily invested and very  focused on their craft and save their "easy times" for the right times and not when theyre in the woods.  Lighten up. 

11/14/21 @ 8:24 PM
USER SINCE 12/14/14

Its going to Federal court. All you can hope for is another late season since it is state law to have a season. Rather see a later season anyway when the pelts are prime. 

11/14/21 @ 7:14 PM
USER SINCE 7/24/01

The status of the wolf hunt is its done for the year. The wolf (bear) hunters shot themselves in the foot which I fully expected they would do. They again proved what the type of hunters they are. I watch each year when the training season starts the litter that suddenly appears in the public lands area's. 5 gallon buckets and beer cans thrown everywhere. Thanks bear hunters for representing yourselves this way.  You can thank yourselves for you ethics.

11/14/21 @ 3:53 PM
USER SINCE 2/16/17

Anyone here anything new on status of wolf hunt?

11/2/21 @ 12:57 PM
USER SINCE 5/31/10

In January the NRB voted 4-3 against holding a wolf hunt, with Prehn voting against it along with 3 others. The DNR's legal counsel also advised against it due to the potential for damaging tribal relationships.

11/2/21 @ 8:11 AM
USER SINCE 5/19/06

There is no statute or court decision codifying a requirement the DNR “consult” with the tribes prior to holding a wolf hunt or any other season. The Voigt decision affirms the tribes rights to 100% of the aquatic resource safe harvest and 50% of terrestrial (wolves in this case). The state is responsible for setting those limits and conducting hunting and fishing seasons on all lands off reservations. Once this is done, the tribes claim their share, be it walleyes, elk, wolves, etc. As partners, it behooves both parties to be on the same page in regards to managing resources in the ceded territory but in this particular case, the state and tribes are diametrically opposed so what good would it do to “consult” them? The official tribal position was no hunting wolves within 25 miles of reservation boundaries, which totally usurps the rights of land owners within this area.  Further, the injunction was mainly issued based on the state still holding the wolf hunt under an emergency rule issued in 2012(ish). The remedy offered by the court was for the state (DNR) to go through its statutory rule making process to issue a permanent rule. Of course the chances of a successful appeal are pretty high as well so we could be back in business sooner than you think. 

11/2/21 @ 7:59 AM
Fish Hound
USER SINCE 1/29/02

I think we all know this has nothing to do with laws anymore, other than when they can be interpreted to fit your agenda.

The inability of the WDNR to act on behalf of the people and to keep the public informed has lead to this situation. This is 100% their issue and their fault!

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