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Wisconsin NRB & DNR, Not Political, TRUST ME!!!!!!

9/10/21 @ 8:07 AM
USER SINCE 2/28/13

9/20/21 @ 7:52 PM
USER SINCE 2/16/17


read my post I said there is an anti hunting agenda in the dnr directed by the governor.  I made no reference to anyone on the board or Naas being anti hunter. 

9/20/21 @ 7:08 PM

Sandy Naas is a hunter from northern Wisconsin.  In no way is she an anti hunter.

So it is mythology to say Dr. Prehn is being replaced by an anti hunter.

They are both hunters.

The issue is GOP control of the NRB.  It has nothing to do with natural resources or hunting heritage.  Hunting heritage is not at risk with Sandy Naas replacing Dr. Prehn.

9/20/21 @ 2:21 PM
USER SINCE 3/18/08

It doesn’t matter what Mr. Prehn thinks on what topic: be it wolves, deer, bear, or ducks.  PFAS or CWD.  Trophy hunting or meat hunting.  His time is up.  He served is term.  

It doesn’t matter if what he’s doing is legal.  It’s still wrong.  Period.   If the shoe was on the other foot, and this scenario was flipped from a Republican to a Democrat, many on here would be up in arms and screaming foul over this behavior.  You know you would.  Supporting it is wrong.  Adults acting as children and childish behavior are at the root of this mess.   Sad.

For simplicity sakes, it’s like shopping at Fleet Farm for hunting season.  You push that heavy shopping cart all the way across the parking lot and unload it.  Now what?   You have a choice: push it allllll the way back to a shopping cart corral or, just simply leave it.  You don’t have to bring it to a corral, but it’s the polite, decent, and RIGHT thing to do.  In fact, I’d say you can tell a whole lot about a person’s character……..

This is exactly what Mr. Prehn is doing: leaving his shopping cart randomly out in the parking lot, and then we’re all going to deal with the ramifications and the utter mess it is causing.  The DNR is just furthering the childish behavior.  Sad.

9/20/21 @ 1:45 PM
USER SINCE 2/16/17

exactly swamp buck. There is definitely an anti-hunting agenda within DNR being handed down by the governor.  Why do you think DNR is managing for zero deer upnorth? So hunters quit because too many wolves for the ecosystem decimate remaining deer population.  What happens when the wolves start starving? Then  will have to reintroduce deer to feed them or farmers catttle and dogs will be their food

9/20/21 @ 12:48 PM
Swamp buck
USER SINCE 1/23/09

If you like wolf hunts and wolf management then you will like Prehn. If the DNR can have the wolves do the work of hunters then they won't need hunters. Why do you think they voted to release them in Colorado? Control the elk = Control the Hunter. I hope he stays as long as possible.

9/18/21 @ 3:30 PM
USER SINCE 10/3/12

Never revel in the domination of disgusting politics even if its your favored side doing the out maneuvering. Its only a matter of time that vengeance is in full force. 

9/18/21 @ 12:59 PM
USER SINCE 2/22/07

Bwahahaha, dude take your meds, you should have added, in my opinion. Settle down.

9/18/21 @ 9:47 AM
USER SINCE 2/16/17

Is the DNR responsible for managing wildlife and natural resources in this state? Yes. Have they failed in many ways , yes. Would over the vast majority of sportsmen agree with this yes. Is it the Natural resource board job to do what the dnr is not doing, indirectly yes.. And the NRB is trying to the DNRS job for them as the DNR is failing.  The DNR is not showing up to do their job , that makes sense. Why do we need the DNR.? The NRB will always be partisan depending on what governor appoints them. I dont care who appoints them what their politics are as long as they get results and do whats right for the sportsmen, listen to their input and do what's right for the wildlife and resources.  The current board members have done that and are crucified because they were appointed by Walker.  And you want to talk about partisan politics.  Give me a break. If the shoe was on the other foot, the same thing would happen.  Look what happened when we got a new governor,  you really think he has acted in the best interests of sportsmen and wildlife in this state? If you believe he has you're delusional.  He has directed DNR and caved to special interests including anti hunters.  And how how does that help hunters and sportsmen in this state? You don't like Prehn is still on the board and doing good things, then get the law changed and get your head out of the sand and quit pretending your side doesn't do the exact same thing but it is different then, right? Can you say extreme hypocrisy.  People should be happy that the board is trying to make things better in this state and they don't get paid. If you don't like it why don't you have the governor appoint you . People are griping just because who appointed board members not because they are trying to fix the DNRs failures. Yeah that makes sense.  Yeah right 

9/18/21 @ 7:32 AM
USER SINCE 2/22/07

let me see if I'm understanding this. Walker held office for 8 years and appointed the majority of the current board. Which if I'm correct; The republican controlled board  sets policy. Yet were complaining or arguing that the DNR has been mis-managed. With a republican controlled board. And the legislature refuses to schedule confirmation hearings, but this is the democrats fault. And its partisan politics, got it. Whos to blame now?

9/18/21 @ 3:38 AM

Illegal to discharge a firearm within 100 yards, 300 ft. From any building devoted to human occupation! It is in the regs!

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