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Will I have a tree left to hunt in???!!!

12/17/22 @ 3:02 PM
User since 3/2/13

I live in Columbia county.  I am truly blessed with the amount of public hunting land within a 25 mile radius of my house.  However since coming to this area in 2008 it seems like 2 hunting grounds are getting logged every year.  2008 til now is 14 years.  Which is a lot of time, but it takes longer  than 14 years for a tree to grow back.  I am not against logging, but at the rate they are cutting there will not be any trees left.  I have hundreds of stand trees but I have lost many stands to logging and worse yet when all the trees on the high ground are gone in an area I get a lot more pressure/company in the wetlands.  

Many of the larger properties have been logged multiple times in multiple areas.  There was a spot I saw on mud lake this year that had been logged maybe 8 or 9 years ago and then they came in this year and cut down all the new cherry trees and the remaining poplar trees.  Any one else seeing this in their area or think it is an issue?

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3/18/23 @ 5:53 PM
big mac
User since 2/19/02
For the last five years (at least), alot of timber harvest going on!
Big Mac 
2/17/23 @ 11:24 AM
swamp people
swamp people
User since 5/14/12
Turning the woods into farm fields in Juneau county. 
2/6/23 @ 11:47 AM
User since 8/8/11

We hunt in Bayfield county, sure wish they would cut soon!!! they have not cut in our area in many years!

2/6/23 @ 11:46 AM
User since 11/6/18

Places I've hunted (public land,SE WI) have been primarily marshes. Trees have been mostly ash. Most of those ash trees have been dead for several years. If they haven't already fallen over they will soon. Those trees still standing have already shed most of the smaller branches. I may as well be sitting on a flagpole...And a fragile one at that.

By the title that's kind of what I figured the thread was about.

Has everything in your area been clearcut? Back when I hunted up there I'd look for places that'd been cut a couple years prior. I suppose if the entire county has been logged off there'd be no more "edges".

And here I've been reading that the timber harvest (in general) in the US has been severely curtailed.

Hmmm. I'm curious now... I'll look into it.

2/2/23 @ 4:10 PM
Brother of the brush
User since 1/22/12

Ihookem, too bad there's not enough deer to take advantage of it.  Plenty of fresh cuttings by me as well but you wouldn't find a deer track in them.

2/1/23 @ 8:46 PM
User since 11/29/01

They are logging like crazy in Price co. 

12/18/22 @ 1:47 PM
User since 10/24/04

A couple more pictures. The third photo has a couple moose in it, on that morning I watched 7, 5 bull and a cow and calf. The young bulls spared for close to an hour before the wind shifted and they winded me. They were about 150+ yards.

Will I have a tree left to hunt in???!!! photo by clueless
Will I have a tree left to hunt in???!!! photo by clueless
Will I have a tree left to hunt in???!!! photo by clueless
12/18/22 @ 1:36 PM
User since 10/24/04

I love hunting cuts. I wish they would do more in Wi. on our national forests. Minnesota is doing a good job in the Superior national forest to enhance moose habitat.

Will I have a tree left to hunt in???!!! photo by clueless
Will I have a tree left to hunt in???!!! photo by clueless
Will I have a tree left to hunt in???!!! photo by clueless
12/18/22 @ 12:03 PM
User since 10/3/12

In selective logging its common to do every 12-15 years.

Cutting popple is a good before they just rot and fall over

You say cutting all the new cherry trees? 

12/17/22 @ 9:52 PM
User since 4/2/10

Never ever complain about logging on public land. Most public places are way overdue for logging and it never happens.  You need cutting to generate new growth. Like all hunting,  you need to adapt,  even if it means hunting on the ground.  Even though you may not like it, logging is a good thing.

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