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3/24/23 @ 6:18 AM
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Hey gang, it the midst of building a platform stand to put a pop up blind atop, just wondering if anyone has done this and how you've gone about securing the pop up blind to the platform floor??  I was thinking screws with big washers ? But I think I need to come up with something that will work over the next couple years.   Thanks for any ideas!



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8/15/23 @ 1:39 PM
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I run a 2x4 down each side with the skirt under it and screw it down. Holds it in place nicely. Only keep it up for the hunting season. 
7/27/23 @ 1:11 PM
User since 7/2/09
Radix or Cage tower blind combo?
3/30/23 @ 10:49 AM
User since 1/6/09
Snake, I think I saw that one featured on Tiny Houses!!  Nice.
3/28/23 @ 6:38 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 1/22/21
Nice blinds guys!!! You’re gonna laugh when you see ours. My buddy is a carpenter and ends up with all sorts of left overs that customers don’t want. I think the only thing that wasn’t free was the nails/screws. It been up for about 10 yrs or more. At least it’s carpeted! Lol We have a big Firepit next to it for get togethers. Trail for trucks and UTV’s has 2 entrances to woods. 3 of us built it, drinking beer to stay cool. I’ve been saying around the fire pit for years I’m giving it a Camo paint job, but I guess that’s been low on priority list. 
3/27/23 @ 8:46 AM
User since 8/28/11
For those asking I used 4x6 for the legs, 2x8 for the bracing & 2x6 for the base and stringers(All treated). Structure was 2x4.  I used a telehand to set the legs and then set the structure on the legs.  That way I was able to build the entire thing in the garage or right in front of the garage where I had access to power and all my tools.    
PERMANENT DEER STAND photo by Turkeyslayer2
3/27/23 @ 6:36 AM
User since 1/19/02
All great ideas thanks, I only plan on keeping the blind out during hunting season ofcourse end of October-Nov, I like the eye bolt and zip tie idea. I may build a permanent structure next season but we'll see.Im going to use longer 4x4 leg posts so im not sure just yet how I will secure the sides of pop up so it doesnt collapse in with wind or rain. 
3/25/23 @ 7:05 AM
User since 12/20/12
Turkeyslayer, curious how you got your blind up on top of your platform? Looks great by the way.
3/24/23 @ 11:39 PM
User since 12/7/05
I built this platform last year...I built it in pieces at home and then assembled it in the field. I built the 6'x8' platform using 2x6 stringers and used 5/4 deck boards as the decking (all treated of course). Then used 4x4 posts as the legs in the platform brackets and cross-braced those with 2x4's. The legs are buried about a foot in the ground to level it and stabilize it even more. I got a couple free 1/2" thick cattle stall mats that I screwed to the platform to keep chairs quiet, prevent drafting between the deck boards as well as prolong deck life by keeping snow and sunlight from deteriorating the wood.

I have a hub blind with a 72"x72" footprint that I screwed on top with washers through the tie down loops and then extended the guy lines 5 feet using paracord and pounded 18" pieces of rebar into the ground to stake it down. This stand is on the high point in an old cattle pasture overlooking a creek bottom and would be gone if not for it being staked down like this. It works very well, is heated with a Mr Buddy heater (hung a 20# tank on a screw hook and ran a 4' hose under the blind so I don't have to swap 1# cylinders) and allows my young son to hunt with me, which means everything to me! Even with the inflated lumber prices last year, the entire wood platform cost less than $300 including the elevator brackets. I realize it may be slightly over-engineered, but with my wife and kids hunting out of it, I wanted it to be safe. I also may eventually build a permanent blind on it, which is why I used 2x6's instead of 2x4's for the stringers.
PERMANENT DEER STAND photo by Master_Piker
PERMANENT DEER STAND photo by Master_Piker
PERMANENT DEER STAND photo by Master_Piker
3/24/23 @ 8:17 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 12/11/01
Here’s what I built last fall. Amazon had the metal brackets for around $45. I put the upper support for resting my rifle and crossbow on and my safety. Also the bottom was raised so snow could slide off. Fastened down with drywall screws and I used a pop up tent support. It stayed up till bow season closed with now problems from snow. I built it all with no help. Platform was built metal brackets put on and 4x4 legs put on one side and tipped up with ATV winch then other legs added. 
PERMANENT DEER STAND photo by newoodhntr
3/24/23 @ 4:10 PM
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I've used eye bolts spaced out to where the corners of the blind would be and then attach with a couple heavy duty zip ties.  Haven't ever had one blow away and it makes for a real easy take down at the end of the season just needing a snipper and 30 seconds.  Also real easy to put up again the next year as the bolts will already be there.  
3/24/23 @ 9:24 AM
User since 7/17/09
I agree. I wouldn't leave the popup out year round. Yes for the hunting season but that's about it.
 I usually deploy 2 on my property week before archery and take down after gun season. Fair amount of roof collapse when the snow starts to fly. Heavy wind/rain downpours cause havoc.
Large washers and deck screws should hold it down for the hunting season on the proposed platform.
Turkeyslayer...very nice box blind. More perfecto and plush compared to mine. lol
lumber 2x4 & 2x6 for your platform build?  
My next build will be similar to yours. Build a nice platform and don it with a popup or go stud structure.
The plastic hardshells look very nice and convenient. Prices seem out of my league tho. 
3/24/23 @ 8:45 AM
User since 8/28/11
Don't leave your pop up blinds up year round.  They'll be junk within a year.  Using the eye bolts for securing the blind but still being able to remove it seems like the best idea if you're going to use a popup blind.  If it's in your budget maybe build a permanent structure on your platform.  I built my second one last year and spent more than I wanted but it sure was nice and comfy.
PERMANENT DEER STAND photo by Turkeyslayer2
PERMANENT DEER STAND photo by Turkeyslayer2
PERMANENT DEER STAND photo by Turkeyslayer2
3/24/23 @ 8:29 AM
User since 3/25/09
I would suggest eye bolts in the platform deck that you can use for your tie downs. That way you could secure the bottom and the sides.
3/24/23 @ 7:00 AM
User since 8/24/07
I'd imagine those would work, but curious if you're planning to leave it out full time. Also how you're planning to secure the sides/top to keep them from blowing in/collapsing. Considering something like this as well. 

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