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NRB Questions for spring Hearings

1/22/20 @ 4:35 PM
User since 12/14/12

The Department of Natural Resources board on Wednesday approved six questions for the Wisconsin Conservation Congress' April hearings. 


The questions ask if people would support extending the nine-day gun season to 19 days; eliminating the December antlerless-only season; prohibit hunting during the days before the nine-day season; eliminate management zones; limit the crossbow season to October and after the nine-day gun season; and invalidate bow and crossbow buck tags during the nine-day season.

1/23/20 @ 2:10 PM
User since 2/9/03

I'm not for less hunting, I think taking away opportunities to hunt sets a bad precedent.  But this state excels at setting bad precedence.  Such as putting the decision making of deer hunting season dates into the hands of CDACs or a deer czar. That's simply my personal opinion and it's nothing that I'm trying to argue.    I feel the same way about duck hunters that want to remove the teal hunt or youth hunt.   

I DO agree with everyone that we need to completely reshape how we set the harvest of doe numbers. We take far too many in small public areas.

We have less hunters not entirely because of a lack of deer or other game, it was proven over a decade and a half ago that we would lose hunters as our social dynamics changed, we are living up to that.  You're not going to fix that by reducing the crossbow season or eliminating gun seasons.  I forgot where the percentages were at (I'd have to look back), but once a person stops hunting the state is unlikely to gain that person back as a license holder and people like Kaz are ignoring that statistic.  When he and others get their way and reduces the crossbow season, we will lose those license holders and we will not gain back the gun hunters that are already lost.  Less license dollars equals less investment in public properties and other habitat.

Now is not the time to try to reduce the amount of hunters in the field.  We have strength in numbers and those numbers are dwindling.  I'll leave my comments at that.  

1/23/20 @ 1:23 PM
User since 4/1/05

As I have been a proponent of for a decade, an easy tool to utilize is staring us in the face.  Unfortunately, too many "hunters" feel the need to shoot 2 forkhorns, or at least have the ability to do so every year.  To me if a big problem is too many bucks are shot each year, limit the buck harvest and STOP allowing party tagging.  

First tool to use: 1 buck per hunter per year.  Simply buy your buck tag, and fill it with whatever season you wish - simplifies things greatly.  Provide a free doe tag with your buck tag only in counties where overpopulation exists - again, choose your weapon.  Increase the cost of the tag to make up the difference from the loss of total license sales.  This would somewhat spread out the buck harvest to those who never would have seen a buck, and many hunters may not want to burn up their buck tag on a small buck during archery season - more bucks would be available for rifle season.  In addition, a small percentage of bucks will make it to next year that normally would have been on a buck pole - a slight increase of older bucks in the herd.

However, this goes against all WI deer management tenets.  Managers believe that adding more opportunity automatically results in more sales.  Put out a good product, and they may be surprised that people will actually pay for it.

1/23/20 @ 1:13 PM
User since 7/5/01

Greenheads, the posted excerpts are a poor example of trying to act like someone is anti hunting or trying to get rid of opportunities.  So by that flawed logic, anyone who doesn't support completely unrestricted deer hunting 24 hours a day 365 days a year could be reducing someone's opportunity.  Most people I know favor the quality of the opportunity vs the quantity.  Doesn't matter how many days are available if the resource has had the snot pounded out of it.  I'd rather have a 1 day season on a woods full of deer than a 5 month season on a woods devoid of deer.  And if it takes you 100+ days to get a deer, there are either issues with abundance of the resource or the quality of the hunter's skill.  Winding back the clock on some of this stuff might help improve hunting.  It was good before a lot of this crap existed anyways, adding more special hunts and longer seasons isn't going to put deer on the landscape.

1/23/20 @ 1:13 PM
User since 4/1/05

I actually like what Kaz did on your list.  Most of those limit the endless killing of does.

1/23/20 @ 12:59 PM
User since 2/9/03

How do we get Kaz off of the board?

This is a stolen excerpt:

No anti-hunter rivals Kaz for cutting hunting opportunities this century, and science had nothing to do with his actions. Consider:


   -- Kaz supported snowmobiling groups at public hearings in 2001, 2005 and 2006  to oppose December antlerless-only gun seasons;


   -- Kaz led efforts in 2011 to end a 15-year run of antlerless-only gun seasons in mid-October;


   -- Kaz eliminated the 2015 holiday hunt with no DNR input;


   -- Kaz imposed antlerless-only restrictions on holiday hunts since 2016, even in CWD-infected counties where bucks should be targeted to reduce disease spread;


   -- Kaz voted the past two years to cut three weeks from the state’s ruffed grouse season. (with no scientific facts other than the eye test)

1/23/20 @ 12:38 PM
User since 2/6/06

Exactly right JC.  Nobody says "wow we have a December doe hunt" or "wow, archery season now goes until February" and magically buys a tag because of that.  First of all, the majority of license sales are gun license sales for the non die hard hunters.  It's always been that way.  Second, kids grow up and hopefully some stay hunters.  We are at the stage now where kids from the mid-late 2000s when the numerous t-zones, unlimited doe tags, and earn a buck decimated the deer population would be adult hunters.  Hard to get hooked when it's a boring hunt with little sightings.  It's not about shooting deer.  It's about seeing deer.  I started hunting right at the end of the glory days.  The late 90s.  Now I still dream about how awesome it was.  This state has the habitat to be great but you can't tell me the goal has been to dramatically lower the deer herd.  This past year claiming it was the largest herd ever was ridiculous marketing.  Nobody will exterminate the deer they want exterminated if they think there are no deer.  

1/23/20 @ 12:25 PM
User since 4/1/05

Ridiculous, but not surprising.  There are so many people that think adding more opportunity (more seasons, longer seasons, more weapons, etc.) is what is needed to gain back lost hunting license sales.  Completely moronic.  If you sell a bad product, people will no longer buy it - plain and simple.  People can live with few deer if there is a chance for a trophy, or they can live with seeing many deer without much of a chance at a trophy.  When we have many areas of the state practically devoid of deer AND with little chance for a trophy people quit hunting.  When the state has devoted all management efforts into "controlling deer populations" it tells you everything you need to know.

I would be all for banning hunting directly preceeding the gun hunt - I never supported extending archery season through the day before rifle season to begin with.  ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF EXTENDING SEASONS (ARCHERY).  I am for any change that saves deer right now - shortening crossbow seasons, throwing out the December and Holiday Hunts, banning archery the week before rifle season, getting rid of party tagging, stop issuing free farmland antlerless tags...anything to not completely rid the landscape of deer (especially the northern half of the state).  This doesn't even address the predator problem.

Like magic...if hunters have action (seeing deer or having a chance at a trophy) they will continue hunting.  Nobody in their right mind expects a new hunter to stick with the sport with the current conditions we have.  

1/23/20 @ 11:47 AM
User since 2/9/03

Wow, Kaz COMPLETELY ignored the study that specifically states people are not quitting gun season for Xbow season.  The NRB is a joke.  

1/23/20 @ 11:32 AM
User since 10/10/17

That's my plan as well. Kansas, MO, and next year I can add Iowa to the list. I'll gladly over pay for at least a chance at a mature buck elsewhere. 

1/23/20 @ 11:28 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

FullDraw,  i'll just go spend 2 weeks in Illinois and 2 weeks in Kansas.  Who needs this state,  it's a joke and the hunting is below average at best.  I just bow hunt here now to pass time as it's where i live.  I'm to the point where I don't even want to be around any of it.  Extend the gun season so more deer can get killed.  sickening.  

The dudes at work say,  "I spend $20 and I can't even see a deer".  you're a moron!  Do you think because you spend $20,  a box of bullets and an orange coat you're entitled to kill a deer.  Put in a little effort and stop hunting the same spot 40 yards off the road.  It's not how it used to be.  40 years ago when I was a kid,  i'd see 20 deer in a day on public.  now I know guys that see 20 year on private.  Go ahead,  extend the gun season,  i'll fish all fall and bow hunt other states.  COMPLETE JOKE...and shame on the folks that think it's a great idea.

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