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4/12/21 @ 11:00 AM
USER SINCE 12/14/12

CDAC recommended an increase from 125 to 700 antlerless tags for Central Forest Public Land.  Members justified quadruple increase in tags based on forestry's dire warning on (supposed) over browsing of new growth and members believe that if they issue more tags, more hunters will show up, and kill more deer which shows that there are more deer than the harvest trends for the past 6 years show.  Not one of the members that supported the increase actually hunt and only one (Forestry rep) have spent time in the affected area.  

As one that hunts this area I am very concerned about this increase, I don't see the herd increase that justifies this. 

I have provided a link to a comment form and contact information for the members:

Comment form link:

Member contact information:

Once link is up go to Eau Claire County.




4/13/21 @ 11:31 AM
USER SINCE 2/16/17

Actually I believe they are proposing to increase public land Eau Claire forest from 125 to 700 and the private from 600 to 1600. Both of these are rediculous.  All the metrics, buck kills, car kills, crop damage etc show the deer are at very low numbers in eastern Eau Claire county. I slight increase in buck kills for one year in 2020 from a record low buck kill in 2019 justifies a huge increase in doe tags. Not. This is the forestry rep trying to use his very subjective non scientific measure or metric of the forest to sway cdac members to issue way too many tags. The real metrics tell the story, look at them. what the cdac members are doing and the dnr is promoting is deer management malpractice.  They are ruining a deer  resource even more that is already very low and they are making it worse. I have hunted here for decades and deer hunting is terrible here, lucky to see a deer. By also increasing private tags, make them available to people that are not honest and will use them on public land making public land worse. Call cdac members to tell them this area should be buck only or very very few tags.  And also fill our feedback. It was in increase mode now is maintain which is a joke. The population didn't increase for 6 years when trying to increase with no doe tags or very few. Now they want to give out 2300 doe tags with no justification. Preposterous.   They should have to hunt here and spend some time in the wood. Maybe they would change their tune

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