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CWD in Wisconsin

11/2/19 @ 6:59 AM
User since 2/16/17

Why is everything with the DNR and some members of the public in regards to CWD a crisis and sky is falling scenario? CWD has been around since the 1960s out west. It was discovered in Wisconsin over 10 years ago. It was going to wipe out the deer herd and the economy.  Be a threat to deer hunting as we have known it. The DNR tried to eradicate the deer herd around Mt Horeb and other places where CWD was prevalent but to no avail. If CWD is such a threat to wipe out the deer population,  how come the deer population is higher than ever near Mt Horeb and other areas where is prevalent? Lot of people claim the past approach on CWD as not being aggressive enough. What do people want done ? Killing more deer or eradicating has not been the solution or showed any effect. People screaming we have to do something an acting on pure emotion and not logic is not the answer.  To date I don't think anything scientifically has been proven to be the answer.  Why keep killing or over harvesting does in many areas because they might have CWD? If the deer is unnecessarily killed by a hunter or dies if CWD it is dead either way. Amazing how the DNR is influencing the CDACS in many areas to issue doe tags in many areas when not needed especially in the northern third of the state where in many areas the deer population is low due to over harvest of does in the past using a flawed SAK population formula for many years by DNR.  Since CWD is much more prevalent in older bucks if anything dnr should encourage shooting of bucks not does. I am not buying the deer herd has recovered up north in 2-3 years cause it hasn't.  The DNR and others are using CWD as an excuse to kill more deer and possibly sell more doe tags that aren't needed keeping the deer population numbers at or near 30 year lows in areas up north.  Reading a recent article in Wisconsin Outdoor News quoting Bob Nack of DNR. States we are losing deer hunters.  Hunters aren't happy.  They aren't seeing  deer.  Getting out of the sport. Do you blame them. Memo to Bob Nack and Kevin Wallenfang of the DNR, if you want to sell more licenses and keep people in the sport and bring new people in, increase the deer population in many areas. It isn't rocket science,  a lot of hunters are not happy.  I wish the DNR would stop posting all these bogus pr deer forecasts saying deer hunting will be great all over the state when it isn't.  Deer hunters would have a lot more respect for the DNR if their reports were accurate and hunters don't have false expectations.  Back to CWD.  What do people want done in regards to CWD when nothing has proven to work. ? I think testing if hunters want to know status of deer they shot and good disposal of carcasses are the only things to be done now in addition to banning baiting statewide permanently period. What do others think?

12/17/19 @ 9:45 AM
User since 3/17/09

No luck,   We had a albino doe around our place in Vilas co. that was 9 or 10 when it was hit by a car.

12/17/19 @ 6:28 AM
Swamp buck
User since 1/23/09

Little Luck you are totally wrong when you say CWD will not kill the deer population in this state. 

12/16/19 @ 7:24 PM
User since 2/16/17


You, I , and others understand their is no solution to cwd as stated in previous posts. What I am trying to bring to people's attention is that the dnrs failed approach/policies to cwd and deer management are killing deer hunting in this state. CWD is not killing deer hunting in this state, in fact it is having very little if any effect on deer populations, hunter satisfaction, etc. What is having an effect on the deer population,  hunter satisfaction,  license sales, are the cwd and deer management policies that have continually over harvested doe, no predator control plan, dnr influencing cdacs to issue unnecessary doe tags often using cwd as an excuse/reason.  If people would just step back think logically a little bit and do some research about prions, how they can remain viable for a long time in soils etc. It would not make any sense with an eradication approach or issuing tons of doe tags to lower the deer population killing healthy deer that may get cwd and die if a bullet,  arrow, car predator,  winter doesn't first. You would literally have to kill every deer in a large area and decontaminate square miles of land etc. Not possible nor practical.  I agree with spending wisely a reasonable amount on cwd research not wasting on bad research. But we need to stop using past and present cwd and deer management policies that are killing deer hunting in this state. Keep it simple.  Increase the deer herd aggressively up north, have real predator control plan, test hunters deer for cwd and let them decide to consume or not, have carcasse disposal.  I highly doubt cwd research will provide a magic bullet people are hoping for. I believe there have been other diseases in deer over the years that we never knew about cause we never tested them for it. Sometimes there is not a solution and we just have to live with it. Often only mother nature and time take care of a disease in the wild as people have stated for years. CWD will not kill deer hunting or deer populations in this state. But flawed policies especially over harvesting does will.

12/16/19 @ 7:19 PM
User since 12/14/12

Madforlabs, my sources are DNR personal that I have spoken too. Their Data, average age of death for a Central Forest deer is 24 months and Farmland is either 27 or 28 months, don't exactly recall which it is.  

Concerning what kills deer, many sources out there.  

Hope that covers your question.

12/16/19 @ 7:03 PM
12/16/19 @ 7:00 PM
User since 11/28/07

Maybe we should just let Mother Nature take care of herself.  Man just seems to screw things up.

12/16/19 @ 6:37 PM
User since 12/20/12

Please site your sources no-luck.

12/16/19 @ 5:23 PM
User since 12/14/12

CWD is real and when a deer contracts the disease it will die

A deer that does not contract CWD will also die. Few deer live through three deer seasons and very few see a fourth season.

Biggest killers of deer in no particular order, humans, predators, automobiles, cold, snow.  

Few deer actually die to CWD related causes.

12/16/19 @ 4:28 PM
User since 4/1/05

"I hope Bastian is on to something as well however many scientists have called BS on his research. "

Very long shot I agree....however there are a few that think the prion theory makes zero sense.

"Its interesting how everyone was really concerned when CWD first was found. However once the sharpshooters started many people were not for eradication especially the people living in the epicenter. "

Another large waste of taxpayer dollars...paying sharpshooters and starting that program.  Hard to believe any trained game biologist seriously thought eradication of deer over that large of an area was even possible.  There were studies that had already shown eradicating deer out of a large penned area was nearly impossible!

12/16/19 @ 2:25 PM
Swamp buck
User since 1/23/09

JC I hope Bastian is on to something as well however many scientists have called BS on his research. Its interesting how everyone was really concerned when CWD first was found. However once the sharpshooters started many people were not for eradication especially the people living in the epicenter. Now that CWD is showing up all over, the concern is increasing. Hopefully  we can put some pressure on our legislators to help with funding. CWD is real and when a deer contracts the disease it will die

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