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CWD in Wisconsin

11/2/19 @ 6:59 AM
User since 2/16/17

Why is everything with the DNR and some members of the public in regards to CWD a crisis and sky is falling scenario? CWD has been around since the 1960s out west. It was discovered in Wisconsin over 10 years ago. It was going to wipe out the deer herd and the economy.  Be a threat to deer hunting as we have known it. The DNR tried to eradicate the deer herd around Mt Horeb and other places where CWD was prevalent but to no avail. If CWD is such a threat to wipe out the deer population,  how come the deer population is higher than ever near Mt Horeb and other areas where is prevalent? Lot of people claim the past approach on CWD as not being aggressive enough. What do people want done ? Killing more deer or eradicating has not been the solution or showed any effect. People screaming we have to do something an acting on pure emotion and not logic is not the answer.  To date I don't think anything scientifically has been proven to be the answer.  Why keep killing or over harvesting does in many areas because they might have CWD? If the deer is unnecessarily killed by a hunter or dies if CWD it is dead either way. Amazing how the DNR is influencing the CDACS in many areas to issue doe tags in many areas when not needed especially in the northern third of the state where in many areas the deer population is low due to over harvest of does in the past using a flawed SAK population formula for many years by DNR.  Since CWD is much more prevalent in older bucks if anything dnr should encourage shooting of bucks not does. I am not buying the deer herd has recovered up north in 2-3 years cause it hasn't.  The DNR and others are using CWD as an excuse to kill more deer and possibly sell more doe tags that aren't needed keeping the deer population numbers at or near 30 year lows in areas up north.  Reading a recent article in Wisconsin Outdoor News quoting Bob Nack of DNR. States we are losing deer hunters.  Hunters aren't happy.  They aren't seeing  deer.  Getting out of the sport. Do you blame them. Memo to Bob Nack and Kevin Wallenfang of the DNR, if you want to sell more licenses and keep people in the sport and bring new people in, increase the deer population in many areas. It isn't rocket science,  a lot of hunters are not happy.  I wish the DNR would stop posting all these bogus pr deer forecasts saying deer hunting will be great all over the state when it isn't.  Deer hunters would have a lot more respect for the DNR if their reports were accurate and hunters don't have false expectations.  Back to CWD.  What do people want done in regards to CWD when nothing has proven to work. ? I think testing if hunters want to know status of deer they shot and good disposal of carcasses are the only things to be done now in addition to banning baiting statewide permanently period. What do others think?

12/19/19 @ 7:08 AM
User since 2/16/17


I am glad you can speak for me stating things I haven't said. Have I stated I want more diseased deer? No. I believe there are hundreds of thousands of hunters who want more deer especially up north and on public land. I am sure they want more diseased deer too. Right? I guess they and me should be happy and content with deer populations at or below 30 year lows where cwd is not an issue.  But omg it could be a issue there so we should keep deer populations at those levels right? Even though reducing deer populations has not been effective against cwd.

12/19/19 @ 6:34 AM
Swamp buck
User since 1/23/09

OK Little Luck. I understand now that you just want a lot of deer. Diseased or not makes no difference. Makes sense to me now........

12/18/19 @ 10:12 PM
Fish Sandwich
User since 8/30/10

Was it not science that linked creutzfeld-jakob disease in humans to mad cow?  Mad cow disease is a mutated protein (prion) as well. 

So these are deer and not cattle, but so what?  This is a real possibility. I get it, I don't want to lose deer or deer hunting either. I think that is why this discussion is so passionate. 

Fortunately universities around the country are studying this as we speak, as CWD has pandemic potential. 

I'm concerned. I don't think that makes me 'emotional.' Refusing to investigate the potential consequences of CWD because of the fear of losing deer hunting as you know it- now that seems 'emotional.'

12/18/19 @ 8:58 PM
User since 2/16/17

Sorry Swamp Buck,

I didn't clarify as I did in all my previous posts that the deer population is declining in many areas of the state(not all) especially up north and on public land due to the continued over harvest of does and not cwd. I didnt state every county in the state population was declining do to over harvest of does.. As in the high cwd prevalence counties it is mostly private land and they manage their land as they see fit not killing too many does hence they have good deer populations in Sauk, Iowa, Dane, Richland counties and deer populations are not declining due to cwd. I guess I have to make sure I clarify every post so people don't take things out of context from all my previous posts. 

12/18/19 @ 2:57 PM
User since 8/31/11

"I'll stick with the facts that our professional trained biologists across this country have stated."

Did you read sniper's link?  Professionally trained in drama maybe.

Wyoming saw a similar phenomenon, with what might be described as tragic results. “It got up to 65% prevalence,” Dufford said. “If you look at deer numbers, they’ve been decreasing commensurate to that. Relatively recent research suggested that deer will be effectively extinct from those areas within 40 years, all because of CWD.”

12/18/19 @ 2:39 PM
User since 4/1/05

I don't think those population studies are completely accurate, but I agree it will have some impact on populations eventually.

The bottom line is...nobody should be getting their undies in a bundle about this.  There is nothing that can be done about it by humans - except if a vaccine or other cure is found.  

12/18/19 @ 7:46 AM
Swamp buck
User since 1/23/09

Well biologist have stated that when the prevalence rate hits 50% you will start to see a dramatic decline. We haven't hit 50% yet so we don't know. I would think that when you have deer peeing and slobbering all over the landscape shedding prions the prevalence rate would increase. But you are the scientist not me. You have stated that the deer herd has increased in CWD counties but yet complain that there is no deer because of doe tags. Well which is it? Maybe we should encourage more CWD so that would increase the deer herd? You like to imply that everyone who is concerned about CWD is emotional and that they don't look at the facts like you do - what a crock of BS that is! Here are the facts. Every state wildlife manager in the US and in Canada knows that CWD is a threat to our wild ungulates. If they contract this disease they will die. For whatever reason you don't seem to concerned about CWD because you have looked at your own set of facts. I'll stick with the facts that our professional trained biologists across this country have stated.

12/17/19 @ 5:26 PM
User since 2/16/17


I don't believe I am wrong when I say cwd has not and will not kill the deer population in this state. Or that cwd has not caused the deer population to decline since it was first detected here 18-19 years ago. If you have any hard evidence showing otherwise,  I would love to look at it. I look at reality, facts and hard evidence before I make an opinion on anything.  Fact is I have seen no evidence that the deer population has declined in this state due to cwd. In fact quite the contrary as in Iowa, Richland, Sauk, Dane counties there are as many or more deer since cwd was detected or eradication,  massive issuing of doe tags has been done. Don't you think after 19 years in the highest prevalence counties and where cwd was first detected you would see a noticeable decline?  I know you may do like others and hang your hat on a Wyoming study that showed some decline in population after 25-30 years etc. of cwd. Small sample size etc in that study.  Fact is it isnt doing anything to the population here after 19 years.  All the doomday predictions with cwd have not come true. I know the experts will keep pushing that number back to 30-40 years before we will see a decline.  Keep pushing it  back so no one is around to see their predictions are wrong. If cwd was killing the deer population in this state which it isn't (over harvesting of does is killing the deer population), what do you want done kill more deer, more does healthy or not so there are no deer on the landscape? Sometimes reality is difficult for people to accept. When you say you cant do anything to control cwd or wipe it out people don't believe it cause they act on emotion not logic. In the end you end up like a dog chasing its tail to try to find a solution that isnt there. Or believe in something that isnt true. Me I am a realist I believe in show me hard evidence, facts, real science. I guess I must have missed some of the cwd doomsday meetings when they were handing out the koolaid.

12/17/19 @ 4:58 PM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07

An albino deer is protected by state law - that certainly increases the deers life expectancy.

The Woodlands Resort
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12/17/19 @ 12:28 PM
User since 12/14/12

SamFox, good to hear, definitely a deer that with rare luck..

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